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Innovate for Performance & Sustainability

What do manufacturers, theme parks and quarries have in common? Their processes all rely on efficient chain conveyor operation and, this depends on keeping the chain lubricated. However, the manual, brush, drip or spit systems for applying lubrication are messy and wasteful. So, it was...


Football Shirts ‘In the Box’

We’ve recently delivered printed packaging to a specialist retailer with an unwavering dedication to the beautiful game. As a supplier of authentic kits, what did he need to put football shirts in the box? The Love of Football Nations’ hopes are currently pinned on their team making...


Time For a Coffee?

Britain is considered a nation of tea drinkers, but for many coffee is the preferred beverage of choice. A key reason why we now favour the bean is the quality aromas and flavours achieved by independent artisan roasters. These are a far cry from the...


E-commerce Solutions: The Full Package

The UK has the third largest e-commerce market in the world and buying and selling online is commonplace. So, it is no wonder that we’ve gained a growing number of e-commerce customers in recent years. Fashion, fitness, food and flowers are just a selection of...


Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you struggling for original Father’s Day gift ideas? You want something that reflects your dad’s interests and what he means to you. Let us help you find the ideal option and encourage you to support small businesses. Gift Ideas for Dads Not all men love beer...


3 Essentials for Shelf Ready Packaging

You want customers to find your products when they are shopping yet, you have no control over how frequently retailers replenish the stock. However, by providing your products in shelf ready packaging, you make restocking a quick and easy process. This can help the visibility...


Sustainable Shoes & Boxes

Did you know that the average British woman is said to own 34 pairs of shoes? Despite this, the footwear market forecast shows this is a growth area. Interestingly, UK consumers are showing greater interest in sustainable shoe brands and shoe boxes. In the Market for...


E-commerce Packaging Insight

Looking to grow your e-commerce business? This insight could help. Every year, Mondi surveys thousands of online shoppers to gather insight into changing attitudes and behaviours. One area of focus is e-commerce packaging. As we work with many online retail brands, we’re keen to discover...


Eye-catching Printed Packaging

At this time of year, it seems that everything is a bit grey. Therefore, we need something to lift our spirits and inject a bit of colour into the world. So, in this article, we explore the colour yellow and its use in creating eye-catching...

cardboard boxes in warehouse

Can Packaging Improve Packing Line Processes?

An efficient warehouse packing process is a fulfilment essential. But, how can packaging help your business to keep pace with orders and meet customer expectations?  In this article, we offer suggestions that optimise space and speed in the packing line. Boxes for Quick Packing Line Assembly Most...