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Time For a Coffee?


Time For a Coffee?

Britain is considered a nation of tea drinkers, but for many coffee is the preferred beverage of choice. A key reason why we now favour the bean is the quality aromas and flavours achieved by independent artisan roasters. These are a far cry from the spoonful of instant that was widely available until the turn of the Century.

How Popular is Coffee in the UK?

The first coffee houses opened in Oxford and London in the mid-1600s and the concept soon spread to other British cities. The clientele was typically upmarket businessmen and academics, with caffeine fuelling intellectual discussions, political debates and financial deals. In those days, the beans were ground and not filtered, so it wasn’t to everyone’s taste.

Fortunately, there have been significant advances in how coffee is roasted, prepared and served. As a result, the popularity of coffee is now stronger than ever. Research* reveals that 98 million cups of coffee are consumed daily in the UK, which equates to 528 cups per person.

What’s more, coffee culture is far more inclusive these days. Yes, cafes are still used for business meetings and a place to study. However, they are also a social hub or a place to relax for people of all ages and backgrounds. All appreciating their drink of choice.

Notes Coffee Roasters

Notes Coffee Roasters is a great example of an independent company that is committed to providing exceptional quality coffee.

Founder, Fabio, is dedicated to sourcing the finest beans from around the world, personally visiting many of the coffee farmers and building strong partnerships. In sourcing from origin, Fabio can select the highest grade beans which lead to a rich and satisfying flavour profile. The process also ensures full supply chain traceability and sustainability.

Notes Coffee Roasters only partners with farms that prioritise ethical practices and environmental stewardship. In return, they invest in the farms. For example, for every 20kg of Brazilian Daterra Coffee sold, a tree is planted and cared for. Over 1,000 trees have been planted since the start of this initiative.

Hand roasting the coffee beans in London results in their fantastic range of coffees. These are served in their London cafes, supplied wholesale to other cafes and sold online. Their website shop offers a choice of country of origin, flavour, weight and grind size. You might even be tempted by a coffee subscription. And, you’ll find information on the sustainable farming communities that grow the coffee beans.

Quality Packaging Manufacturer

We are delighted that Notes Coffee Roasters also decided to partner with us when they were looking for a packaging manufacturer. They needed four different-sized cartons for sending coffee to wholesale and online customers. Their priorities were to source high-quality boxes that would aid efficient logistics management.

Fortunately, we already supply packaging to other independent hospitality that are part of the WSH group to which Notes Coffee Roasters belongs. They selected us because they trusted us as a packaging manufacturer who would offer superior service and high-quality products to meet all of their requirements.

We are delighted that they are a new customer for 2024 and we’ve recently delivered the first order for 1kg, 10kg coffee packs, along with two styles of shipping cartons with a flexographic print finish. Our 100% recyclable packaging and green credentials tie in with their commitment to sustainability.

Here is their feedback:

“Helen provides us with excellent customer service, consistently responding promptly to our needs. The packaging has received positive feedback from both our team and our customers. Everyone is very happy with it.”

– Amit Dave, Notes Coffee Roasters

If you would like to discuss your requirements for high-quality e-commerce packaging or shipping cartons for your business, call 01296 436888 or email enquiries@abcbox.co.uk


* https://balancecoffee.co.uk/blogs/blog/coffee-consumption-statistics-uk

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