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Packaging Materials


Why Switch From Plastic Packaging?

Did you know that 74% of the UK population favour a reduction in plastic packaging use? As a result, many of us are actively looking for brands that use alternative packaging materials. So, a growing number of producers and retailers are switching to more sustainable...


A Food Packaging Takeaway

Ordering pizza, curry or Pad Thai is part of many families weekly routine. A night off cooking, a convenient option on a busy day or a tasty treat, we love a takeaway! However, there is a downside to our indulgence and that’s the packaging. Takeaway...


Breaking the Barriers of Fibre-based Packaging

This Plastic Free July, we are looking at alternatives to plastic packaging. One of the barriers to switching is that fibre-based packaging is not moisture resistant. When it gets damp, paper and cardboard lose rigidity and that can render them useless at holding and protecting...


Ditch or Switch Plastic Packaging

July is Plastic Free Month! The perfect time to make long-term changes, as an individual, a business or a community, to ditch or switch plastic packaging. Small Changes to Reduce Plastic Packaging Waste Can small changes have an impact? You may believe that the scale of the...

stack of felled timber

Does Cardboard Cause Deforestation?

At the start of this year, we gathered feedback from customers about our products, services and eco-credentials. One respondent raised concerns about cardboard boxes not being sustainable, as they contributed to deforestation. This individual will not be alone in thinking this, so, we wanted to...


Is Foam Packaging Sustainable?

Foam inserts have been widely used as an effective means of protecting goods in transit. This is because the dense cell structure makes it easy to cut bespoke shapes that hold items securely in place. Having said this, many of our customers are asking for...


How to Encourage Packaging Reuse

Reduce, reuse, recycle – we’re all familiar with the three R’s that are helping to minimise packaging waste. Fortunately, attitudes to reduce and recycle have shifted, with producers and consumers recognising the benefits. However, reuse or refill schemes are seeing lower rates of adoption. What...


Cheers! To Paper-based Packaging

The packaging industry is always on the lookout for innovative solutions that promote sustainability. Glass wine bottles are recyclable and yet only 71% are recovered and recycled in the UK. It is also an energy-intense process, so is there a better option? Wine producers have...


Exploring Packaging Material Innovations

When Aylesbury Box Company first opened its doors, polystyrene inserts and bubble wrap were widely used as void fillers. Many brands favoured layers of packaging to heighten the perception of luxury or value for money. Plastic was widely accepted as a desirable packaging material. Awareness of...