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3 Essentials for Shelf Ready Packaging

You want customers to find your products when they are shopping yet, you have no control over how frequently retailers replenish the stock. However, by providing your products in shelf ready packaging, you make restocking a quick and easy process. This can help the visibility...

Printed box with graphics and information

Is Your E-commerce Packaging a Missed Opportunity?

Almost any product can now be purchased online and UK residents love to browse the internet. However, the majority of orders arrive in plain cardboard boxes. Is this a wise decision or a missed opportunity for e-commerce packaging? UK Desire for Online Shopping According to the latest...


Why Use Symbols on Packaging?

There can be a lot of information to share on retail packaging and shipping boxes. This includes instructions for transit handlers, retailers and consumers, so there needs to be a quick reference solution. This is why we use symbols on packaging. Are Symbols on Packaging Better...

Cardboard box filled with snack packets

Shelf Ready Boxes of Snacks

Popping popcorn onto the shelf is a quick and easy process for retailers that stock Bare Snacks. That’s because they are delivered in shelf ready boxes. This means that the shipping boxes include perforations so the top can be torn off. The retailer is left...


5 Options for Printing Cardboard Boxes

For e-commerce packaging or retail distribution, branding is vital. The six external and six internal sides to a box all provide an opportunity to market your brand, provide valuable information and encourage engagement. So what are the options for printing cardboard boxes? 1. DIY Printing for...


Benefits of Shelf Ready Packaging

To attract shoppers , retailers have to keep their shelves well stocked. In large stores, this can be an almost constant process. When products are running low, it’s important to have a quick and efficient means of filling the gaps. This is where shelf ready...


What are the Lead Times for Seasonal Packaging?

Christmas may be months away, yet there is no time to waste if you want seasonal packaging for retail displays, subscription boxes and e-commerce deliveries. The sooner you place those packaging orders, the easier it is for us to offer favourable lead times and prices. Why...


Box Company Supports Woodlands & Wellbeing

Aylesbury Box Company’s efforts to fully embrace sustainability have largely focused on internal factors. We’ve implemented measures to make the best use of resources. This has encompassed the recruitment and retention of our team, along with minimising waste, energy and water use. More recently, we’ve...


Plastic Tax & How to Avoid Paying

Plastic pollution is a major environmental issue. Discarded plastic packaging is building up across all parts of the planet, even littering remote locations where plastic has never been produced. The Plastic Tax aims to initiate change among plastic packaging manufacturers and importers. Will your business...


The Difference Between Retail & Ecommerce Packaging

Retail is shifting online and yet many retailers still approach product packaging with a traditional retail mindset. Why do brands need to think differently when it comes to e-commerce postal boxes? The Purpose of Retail Packaging Let’s start with retail packaging, which is all about shelf appeal....