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In this article, we explore the three primary roles of packaging and why cheap boxes aren’t always the best option.
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Is Cheap Packaging the Best Option?

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Is Cheap Packaging the Best Option?

If you think that a box is just a box, you are naturally going to pick the cheapest option on the market. However, the role of packaging extends beyond a simple container for your goods. In this article, we explore the three primary roles of packaging and why cheap boxes aren’t always the best option. And, if you think that your customers won’t notice the difference, you are mistaken.

The Role of Packaging

Whether on the shelf in our favourite retail store or delivered by the postie to our door, packaging plays an important part in how the customer perceives your brand. You want it to appeal to the customer and provide them with what they need for a positive interaction with your brand.

Cheap Packaging or Optimum Protection?

Firstly, the role of packaging is to provide optimal protection for your products. That means it is sufficiently durable to minimise damage and returns. However, it also means that no excess packaging is used.

When planning what is needed, consider the size and fragility of your products and the combination of goods that are packaged or ordered together. Also, think about how these will be transported and stored once they leave your premises.

Do you need thicker walls or internal dividers to fully protect items inside your shipping boxes? Is it important that your retail packaging is tamperproof? Are moisture-resistant coatings or insulating inserts necessary to keep your goods in pristine condition?

Cheap Packaging or a Positive Customer Experience?

Secondly, your choice of packaging can drive a positive customer experience. To give a few examples, a branded box will help retailers or customers know who it is from before it’s opened and this can build customer anticipation. It also makes all the difference if goods are heading for the stock room and need to be quick to identify and unpack. Equally, why not print handling icons on the outside, along with assembly or care instructions on the inside of the box?

Consider how easy it is to open your packaging. A box wrapped in reams of tape looks unattractive and can be difficult to open. Therefore, tear strips make it easier to open the box without the need for a sharp implement. If selling to stockists, consider shelf-ready packaging with perforations to make it easy to display your goods.

For heavy or bulky boxes, die-cut handholds are useful and reduce the risk of items being dropped.

Small adjustments to the packaging design add a little to the unit cost, yet they enhance the customer experience. This leads to a positive brand association, along with an increased likelihood of repeat orders and positive reviews. As a result, the customer and your business gain added value.

Cheap Packaging or a Marketing Opportunity?

Thirdly, your packaging is a vital marketing tool. The packaging design impacts the perception of your brand and product. Would you get excited about the contents of a cheap, tatty box? Me neither, so let’s think about what enhances the unboxing experience and engages customers.

Stylish graphics, eye-catching typography and strong brand colours all inform purchasing decisions. So does the choice of packaging material. It all comes down to knowing what appeals to your target audience. So, how do you ensure that your products stand apart?

A box has many sides which can be used to share and engage buyers. So why not print your brand story or discount coupons on the inside of your box? Let’s think about inserts to aid presentation and protection or bold colours that add intrigue. In short, use the opportunity to engage with customers and build brand recognition.

Manufacturer of Custom Boxes

Hopefully, you can now understand that when you opt for cheap packaging, costly oversights can be made. So, think of the bigger picture. With that in mind, incorporate plans for packaging design alongside product development and marketing strategies.

If you’d like advice on custom boxes to best fit your products, get in touch: 01296 436888 or Our boxes are competitively priced and offer great value. In addition, we can advise on cost-effective ways to elevate protection, customer experience and marketing with packaging.

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