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Is Cheap Packaging the Best Option?

If you think that a box is just a box, you are naturally going to pick the cheapest option on the market. However, the role of packaging extends beyond a simple container for your goods. In this article, we explore the three primary roles of...


How Much Do Custom Printed Boxes Cost?

Have you avoided getting a quote for bespoke packaging, assuming it will be too much? Before you make your decision, let us share information on the cost of custom printed boxes. Packaging Costs for Online Retailers One of the reasons that many online retailers opt for off-the-shelf,...


What’s in Your Ideal Home?

Interior inspiration doesn’t get much bigger than the annual Ideal Home Show. Running until 7 April, this event brings together all the best in furniture, fittings, appliances and accessories. So, what features in your ideal home? Visiting The Ideal Home Show Held in London’s Olympia, the Ideal...

Blue print custom box

A Run of Custom Boxes

When a local sports and social club wanted custom boxes to keep members on the run, we were happy to deliver. All 500 members of this Buckinghamshire club are serving police officers and police staff and this is reflected in the distinctive blue and white...

cardboard box and tools for resizing

How to Resize Cardboard Boxes

You have something to send and have a box to reuse, but it is too big. Is there a way to resize cardboard boxes to save you from buying more packaging? The Issue with Oversized Cardboard Boxes Oversized boxes are not viewed positively by recipients and they...


Circular Thinking: Glass Jars & Cardboard Boxes

When a company has been successfully built around environmentally and socially sustainable principles, circular thinking comes naturally. Every decision considers the full impact of production and processes. This means packaging materials that are made from recycled material and are widely recycled. E-commerce Packaging for Sustainable Sea...


Boxes & Bands Offer Strength & Protection

Our cardboard boxes offer strength and protection at affordable prices. These are also qualities shared by PowerHands, one of our most recent packaging customers. PowerHands Resistance Training A good grip and hand strength helps us all to manage everyday tasks, like opening jars and lifting heavy bags....


Custom Boxes for Bespoke Tea Blends

Having invested time in researching and blending three herbal infusions for a new Wellness Collection, attention turned to the packaging. Mother Cuppa founder, Candice Mason, was keen to have beautiful custom boxes when launching her new tea range. Let’s find out more. Introducing Mother Cuppa Drawing on...


Are Custom Boxes Worth It?

With soaring prices, every business is looking for ways to keep prices down and remain competitive. When it comes to packaging, buying off the shelf options is cheaper than custom boxes, but which offers the best value? Off-the-Shelf V Bespoke Boxes "I need to keep fulfilment and...

bespoke cardboard boxes

Which Custom Boxes Fit the Brief?

Contacting a local packaging supplier for the first time can be daunting. You know that you need boxes to package your products, send orders and improve presentation, but how do you explain what type of box you have in mind? To try to help you prepare,...