Aylesbury BOX Company | Which Custom Boxes Fit the Brief?
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Which Custom Boxes Fit the Brief?

bespoke cardboard boxes

Which Custom Boxes Fit the Brief?

Contacting a local packaging supplier for the first time can be daunting. You know that you need boxes to package your products, send orders and improve presentation, but how do you explain what type of box you have in mind?

To try to help you prepare, we’ve put tighter a quick guide.

What type of packaging do you need?

Retail Packaging

Are you looking for product packaging that grabs the attention of retail shoppers – either online or in-store? These are custom made to best fit the product, as well as being printed. As an alternative to printed packaging, printed sleeves or labels can be applied to plain folding carton boxes.

The majority of paper-based retail packaging is made from carton board. Your packaging supplier will deliver it flat, which minimises storage requirements. It is quick to assemble for use and can be easily flattened before going into the recycling bin after use.

For luxury goods, tray and sleeve (opening like a drawer) or rigid boxes are an option. These are a more expensive packaging option, but offer high-quality presentation when the price point is less sensitive.

Shelf-ready Packaging

For efficiency, display boxes or shipping cartons can be designed to package multiple goods together and offer protection in transit. When the retailer restocks, they tear the perforations to remove the top section of the box, revealing the contents.

Another example of shelf-ready packaging is the stackable open crate-style boxes which are widely used for fresh produce. In both cases, the section of the box that forms part of the display is typically printed with branded imagery and text.

Mailing Boxes

Do you need branded mailing boxes that can be sent in the post? These are often used for subscription services, as well as sending small items, samples or replacement parts. The print quality on mailing boxes doesn’t have to be as high as on retail packaging, so printing can be offered at a lower cost.

Aylesbury Box Company creates mailing boxes that can be posted through the letterbox. This keeps postage costs down and increases convenience for customers – no more parcels left on the doorstep!

Shipping Cartons

These are the big, brown (or white) corrugated cardboard boxes. The corrugated layers trap air and provide cushioning and insulation to protect the goods inside. They are widely used in every manufacturing industry sector, safeguarding fragile and delicate items, through to bulky, heavy machinery.

Shipping cartons can be branded and/or printed with handling instructions.

Cardboard Food Containers

From cartonboard cupcake boxes to corrugated cardboard takeaway trays, it is important to state if your boxes will be used as food containers. For safety, there are regulations around the recycled content and finishes that can be used on any packaging that comes into direct contact with consumables.

Flat Corrugated Sheet

Some products do not need a box. Shapes cut from flat cardboard can provide a backing to attach the product to and enable it to be hung up for display. As an example, tools are often presented in this way. This approach can reduce packaging use and associated costs.

Cardboard Packaging Requirements: 5 Things to Consider

– All packaging is manufactured to internal dimensions. For carton board, there is minimal difference between internal and external dimensions, however, double-walled corrugated cardboard makes the final box noticeably larger than the given measurements.

– When designing product packaging and shipping cartons, consider how many packages fit into the delivery box. Aim to optimise space and leave no gaps. This will save money on fillers and reduce the risk of damage as the boxes have no room to move about.

– Research the delivery charges of your chosen courier. Altering the dimensions of a box can put it into a different price bracket.

– Cardboard inserts can be added to enhance presentation and protection in any box. These, along with the internal surfaces of your packaging can be flood printed to deliver the wow factor when the recipient opens the box.

– Ask your local packaging supplier for advice. As manufacturers and suppliers of bespoke boxes, Aylesbury Box Company are happy to make recommendations based on your requirements and budget.

To start the discussion about your packaging design, get in touch with our friendly team on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk


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