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E-commerce Packaging Insight

Looking to grow your e-commerce business? This insight could help. Every year, Mondi surveys thousands of online shoppers to gather insight into changing attitudes and behaviours. One area of focus is e-commerce packaging. As we work with many online retail brands, we’re keen to discover...


A Taste of Argentina

Are you looking for a unique box of chocolates for Mother's Day? Or an indulgent treat for yourself? If so, let us introduce you to tantalising Sur Chocolates! Fortunately, this local business has an online shop, so their irresistible goodies can be delivered to your...


Kit Boxes: Try a New Hobby!

Are you tempted to get hands-on and learn a new craft? One option is to join a workshop. Alternatively, you can have all the materials and instructions delivered to your door in a kit box! In this article, we hope to inspire you with a...


Making Unboxing Memorable

Your delivery arrives and you are desperate to get inside and find your order. Does the unboxing experience matter? Do we respond differently to the product based on the shape, appearance and packaging material it is delivered in? Let’s give this some thought. Unwrapping Gifts Imagine it’s...


Preparing for Black Friday

We’re just a few weeks away from Black Friday, a day where customers are on the hunt for a great deal. This provides a great opportunity for small e-commerce businesses to reward loyal customers or attract new buyers. So what are our tips on preparing...

Recycle label on packaging

Divide & Conquer for Recycling Week

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Recycling Week. That’s two decades of raising awareness of the benefits of avoiding waste to landfill. You would think that two decades of education would make us all recycling experts, yet it isn’t always straightforward. Bin it or...


5 Options for Printing Cardboard Boxes

For e-commerce packaging or retail distribution, branding is vital. The six external and six internal sides to a box all provide an opportunity to market your brand, provide valuable information and encourage engagement. So what are the options for printing cardboard boxes? 1. DIY Printing for...


E-commerce Packaging for Perfect Pets

In celebration of #NationalPetDay, we’re focusing on e-commerce packaging we’ve designed for several pet retail companies. From big-name brands to start-up companies on the brink of launching, the arrival of these boxes is eagerly awaited by pets. Boxes for Boxers (and other breeds of dog) Our loyal...


Circular Thinking: Glass Jars & Cardboard Boxes

When a company has been successfully built around environmentally and socially sustainable principles, circular thinking comes naturally. Every decision considers the full impact of production and processes. This means packaging materials that are made from recycled material and are widely recycled. E-commerce Packaging for Sustainable Sea...


Prioritising the Green

At the end of 2022, we delivered the first order of branded e-commerce packaging to Slycker. They launched their website in December and were soon fulfilling orders in time for Christmas. Is your 2023 goal to launch an e-commerce business? Whether an established company that is...