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The Future of Packaging

The future of packaging looks set to be a balancing act. Brands want sustainable alternatives to plastic and ways to engage with buyers. However, they also need solutions that are functional and cost-effective. So, as a packaging manufacturer, how do we tick all the boxes? A...


A Taste of Argentina

Are you looking for a unique box of chocolates for Mother's Day? Or an indulgent treat for yourself? If so, let us introduce you to tantalising Sur Chocolates! Fortunately, this local business has an online shop, so their irresistible goodies can be delivered to your...


Environmental Good News

We know that there are many environmental issues impacting our world. However, many of us have made multiple changes to reduce the escalation of environmental problems. So, are our efforts making a difference? Let us share some environmental good news! Prioritising Sustainability Over recent years, a growing...


Rethinking Food Packaging

Consumers want appealing fresh food, at the perfect ripeness and with a decent shelf life. However, they are also keen to avoid chemical preservatives and plastic packaging. With tonnes of fruit and veg being shipped around the globe daily, can rethinking food packaging provide a...

FSC certified companies logo

Seek Out FSC® Certified Companies & Products

FSC® Forest Week launches on Saturday 23 September, with the theme of Trust the Tree. We know that trees are essential for life, yet timber is a valuable resource. Let’s explore why choosing FSC® certified companies and products is the way to protect trees for...

Bunch of roses held in flower boxes

Which Blooms for your Flower Boxes?

Aylesbury Box Company produces cardboard flower boxes for several floristry companies, but which blooms are in trend this season? The British public favours the classics including roses, tulips and lilies. However, it’s great to mix these with a few unusual shapes and colours. So, what...

stack of felled timber

Does Cardboard Cause Deforestation?

At the start of this year, we gathered feedback from customers about our products, services and eco-credentials. One respondent raised concerns about cardboard boxes not being sustainable, as they contributed to deforestation. This individual will not be alone in thinking this, so, we wanted to...

sustainable packaging box with green print

Do Customers Prioritise Sustainable Packaging?

Aylesbury Box Company is on a sustainability journey. We produce sustainable packaging and we care about our people,  and our planet, so we continuously implemented measures in line with our company vision. Our vision is to be an industry-leading cardboard packaging company; achieved via being innovative...

Hands opening-advent-calendar

Advent-ageous Packaging Design

Throughout the year, there are significant days when retailers aim to boost their profits. Valentine's Day has recently passed, Easter is on its way and the final few weeks of the year are dominated by Christmas. On these occasions, packaging design is crucial for transforming...


Can We Make Packaging Waste Disappear?

Single-use packaging waste is polluting the planet and impacting the health of flora and fauna that depends on nature, including us. Imagine the benefits to our rivers, oceans and countryside if we could make it disappear! One company is developing true solutions that do just...