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Internal Divisions in Packaging

An empty cardboard box can be the ideal packaging solution for your goods. It offers maximum freedom; put in it what you like and off it goes in the post. The question is, what condition are those products in when they reach the customer? Do they...

team at aylesbury box company

ABC Team Branches Out

Aylesbury Box Company is a long established family business. We set up as a local cardboard packaging manufacturer and served customers within a 40-mile radius of our Aylesbury site. At the start, the large majority of our work centred on the production of large, robust industrial...

Avoiding the Red Tape

Sealing a cardboard box is the final step in keeping the goods inside protected during transit. In many cases, this is achieved by taping the box shut before despatch. The tape holds the box flaps securely in place and adds to the overall strength of...

Get Plastic Clever

Back in April, we wrote about Water To Go, one of our amazing customers who are committed to providing access to clean, safe to drink water in reusable water bottles. Their unique bottles include a filter that instantly makes river, pond or any non-salt water...

What’s in the Box?

Cardboard inserts, polystyrene fillers and air pockets are just some of the items used inside a box. The aim is to provide the best possible protection for goods in transit. For years, polystyrene has been the favoured material. With insulating properties, polystyrene is able to provide...

Protecting Electronic Components in Transit

Ever seen pink bubble wrap and wondered why it was that colour? This variation is designed with anti-static properties, specifically for electronic manufacturers. Developments in electronics design are expanding the possibilities of industrial automation, e-health, smart metering, remote monitoring and the Internet of Things. As individuals,...

Man holding a cardboard box

Supplier V Manufacturer

When you search for a box company, you will come across suppliers and manufacturers. As an established box manufacturer, we want to highlight what we can offer that you won’t get from a supplier. Bespoke Packaging With expertise and technology at hand, we can design and manufacture...

Insert a Solution for Shipping Wheels

Whether on motorbikes, cars or bikes, wheels make it easy for us to move around. The challenge comes when we need to move them around. If you’re involved in the manufacture, import or refurbishment of wheels, or you’ve simply tried to sell a set of wheels...