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Packaging can help you to deliver the right impression, as well as delivering your goods. We offer practical advice on how to make bespoke boxes with impact on a limited budget.
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Boxes of Creative Fun; It’s Child’s Play!


Boxes of Creative Fun; It’s Child’s Play!

Aylesbury Box Company are keen to provide packaging advice and solutions for start-up businesses. We know that there are many advantages to making informed decisions about your packaging solutions, rather than simply opting for the cheapest, off-the-shelf option.

We understand that budgets can be restrictive in the early days, but we do offer low volume orders of good quality, printed packaging. Bespoke packaging can help you to deliver the right impression, as well as delivering your goods.
We offer practical advice on how to make an impact on a limited budget in the first of our three articles on Packaging Advice for Start-up Companies.

A Start-up Business Packaging Brief

One of the latest packaging briefs was working with two teachers on their enterprise; Child’s Play.
The idea behind Child’s Play is to provide a box of resources that inspire creative play and are fun. Whilst the children are actively engaged and enjoying themselves, they will be unaware that they are learning valuable skills in the process.

Their packaging brief was for bespoke delivery boxes that were completely recyclable and bio-degradable. They had a rough idea of the dimensions and knew that they wanted a natural look, with a printed company logo. As a new business, they were keen to retain quality whilst being mindful of cost.

Our Packaging Solution

Our Account Manager, Helen, talked through all of the requirements for their small postal boxes and offered advice on ways to achieve good results within budget. We were able to refer them to a local graphic designer, who assisted with the creation of a logo in a suitable print format. With the initial tooling set up, we can print the logo onto the packaging as part of the box manufacturing process. This is a cost-effective means of branding boxes.

The feedback we received was very positive. They decided to use Aylesbury Box Company as their packaging supplier because Helen had been very accommodating and organised; building trust in Aylesbury Box Company’s ability to deliver exactly what they needed. The fact that our prices were competitive was another incentive.

When the printed boxes were delivered, the team were full of praise:

“We’re over the moon with the boxes. Thank you so much!
We’ll be in touch soon to place another order.”
– Chloe, Child’s Play

The Value of Creative Play

Creative play is a vital part of childhood development. Through play, we develop our abilities, including motor skills and problem-solving. It also offers an opportunity to explore ideas, thoughts and feelings. There can be a sense of freedom in trying things out to see what works.

When they are happy with the results and get positive reinforcement from others, a child can be an incredible sense of achievement. This builds confidence around trying new things. It might get a little messy, but the children can also get involved in the clear-up operation!

Each box is tied into the Early Years and Key Stage 1 curriculum, so clear learning objectives are working alongside the entertainment.

The Perfect Gift for Young Makers

The first Child’s Play boxes went on sale this week! To launch the business, the teachers focused on two themed playdough boxes which are sold through Etsy.

The boxes contain the ingredients and instructions to make your own playdough. The recipe box also includes a range of equipment such as a rolling pin and cutters, along with accessories. Children can use all the tools to create dinosaur or unicorn worlds. They would certainly make a wonderful gift for the younger members of your family.

It is early days for the business, but the plan is to gradually grow the range, introducing different creative mediums and themes. These would have been ideal when our children were younger and we wish Child’s Play the very best of luck.
Contact us on enquiries@abcbox.co.uk or 01295 436888 to discuss your cardboard packaging requirements.

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