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Shipping Boxes


Wine by the Bottle, Box or Can

This month wine producers, buyers, connoisseurs and drinkers will be heading to Olympia. Yes, it’s the London Wine Fair! At this event, global exhibitors hope they will find new distributors from restaurants, supermarkets and wine specialists. In addition, there will be discussions about future markets....

cardboard boxes in warehouse

Can Packaging Improve Packing Line Processes?

An efficient warehouse packing process is a fulfilment essential. But, how can packaging help your business to keep pace with orders and meet customer expectations?  In this article, we offer suggestions that optimise space and speed in the packing line. Boxes for Quick Packing Line Assembly Most...


Options to Seal Boxes for Shipping

The products sent in your e-commerce boxes or industrial cartons are only secure and protected when the box has been sealed. So, what are the options to seal boxes for shipping? 4 Options for Sealing Cardboard Boxes There are four main options for sealing cardboard boxes: Tape –...


Where to Buy Shipping Boxes

Launching a business in the New Year or adding to your existing product range? Exciting times! To ensure that your goods reach your customers without damage, you need robust packaging. So, if you’ve been considering where to buy shipping boxes, UK based Aylesbury Box Company...


Boxes to Light Up your Home

In this article, we’ve focused on lighting up the dark days. The clocks have changed for winter and that means dark evenings, but let us showcase two brands which can light up the winter months; Serious Brands and Hill & May. They also happen to...


Shipping: Post Brexit Trade

The UK has been renegotiating trade and economic relationships with the EU for years, with little impact on daily operations. Although the UK formally left on 3 January 2020, we have been in a year of transition. This has now ended and, ready or not,...