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Efficient warehouse packing processes are a fulfilment essential. so, we suggestions ways to optimise space & speed in the packing line.
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Can Packaging Improve Packing Line Processes?

cardboard boxes in warehouse

Can Packaging Improve Packing Line Processes?

An efficient warehouse packing process is a fulfilment essential. But, how can packaging help your business to keep pace with orders and meet customer expectations?  In this article, we offer suggestions that optimise space and speed in the packing line.

Boxes for Quick Packing Line Assembly

Most cardboard boxes are supplied flat pack. This minimises the storage space required for packaging stock. However, it does mean that your packing team have to assemble the boxes before packing. Now, your choice of packaging greatly impacts the speed at which this assembly is achieved. For this reason, we recommend Crash Lock Boxes.

What are Crash Lock Boxes?

Crash Lock Boxes (Fefco Code 0713) are designed to form into shape by simply pushing on opposite corners. In the process, the base locks into position and does not require any tape to hold it in place. Therefore, in one swift movement, the box is ready to fill.

Better still are Crash Lock Boxes with an integrated peel-and-seal adhesive strip. With these, the filled box lid is straightforward to close and secure. This negates the need for tape guns and offers a neater, more professional finish. Furthermore, we can manufacture boxes with tear strips, making it just as quick and easy for the customer to open the box.

Now, Crash Lock Boxes have a higher unit price than a standard cardboard box. However, when you factor in time savings, the cost of tape and the perception of your brand, they offer exceptional value.

Is a One-Size-Fits-All Box the Best Option?

If your product range is of a similar size, a one-size-fits-all box might work. To assist budget-conscious customers, we have also provided inserts that can be used to alter the internal dimensions. This helps them to adapt the packaging to best suit the order. However, if you send a variety of products, we recommend using two or three different boxes in sizes customised to your range.

Best fit boxes offer good protection for your products and bring several cost benefits. Firstly, they minimise or eradicate the need for void fillers. We will come back to that. Secondly, a good fit is space efficient and will reduce courier costs. If you are shipping multiple orders every hour, this can be quite a saving. As such, it will easily cover the cost of bespoke boxes.

Thirdly, customers are increasingly aware of excess packaging. If you regularly send goods in oversized boxes, there is the risk of reputational damage. Customer loyalty is highly valuable and can save a fortune in marketing, so best to keep them sweet!

Once again, if you are comparing the unit price of a standard, off-the-shelf box with a bespoke box, the latter will be more expensive. However, when you consider the hidden costs of the first, a bespoke box is a bargain!

Back to Void Fill & Its Impact on the Packing Line

Avoiding the need for void fill has many advantages. We’ve already mentioned cost savings. In addition, filler materials are often bulky. Therefore, avoiding them frees up valuable space in the packing line. Equally, you don’t want packing line processes to grind to a halt because the filler has run out. Finally, any steps to reduce the volume of packaging lower the environmental impact of shipping goods.

Having said that, we do believe that cardboard inserts can aid efficient packing. That’s because the packers can easily slot everything in the right place. Inserts also provide a practical means of separating elements in a box and ensure consistent presentation. Our cardboard inserts can be integrated or supplied separately, ready to slip into place.

Compare Packaging Prices

In summary, if you simply select the cheapest cardboard boxes, you aren’t necessarily getting the best deal. When you factor in time efficiencies, additional material and shipping costs and brand image, the cheap option can end up costing much more.

We work with e-commerce start-ups, leading manufacturers and fulfilment specialists to deliver boxes that meet their needs and budget. From postal boxes to industrial boxes, discover the best packaging solutions for your packing line, get in touch with our team for advice: 01296 436888 or

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