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FSC® Certified Packaging


The Benefits of FSC® Certified Products

Do you look out for the tick tree logo on paper and wood products? Have you spotted it on notebooks, furniture, toilet rolls or packaging? This small symbol indicates ethical processes have been followed to make that product. So, what are the benefits of FSC®...


Sustainability at the Heart of Excellence Awards

The shortlist for the 2024 Food Manufacturer Excellence Awards 2024 has been announced. Looking at the credentials of these six companies, it’s clear that they balance quality products and growth opportunities with Environmental Social Governance (ESG) to drive sustainability goals. The winner will be announced...

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Natural Beauty & Sustainable Packaging

According to the British Beauty Council, sustainable packaging for beauty products is a challenge that has yet to be fully addressed. Most brands have made moves away from excessive packaging layers and single-use plastic, but much greater steps are needed. What is the answer? Is Beauty...


Forests and the Packaging Industry

Forests are essential for all paper-based packaging. Whether the paper is used in sheets, moulded pulp, board or layered into corrugated boxes, it originates from trees. As a result, packaging manufacturers, like us, are fully invested in sourcing virgin material from sustainably managed forests. The...


Why is FSC® Certification Important?

How can we have paper-based packaging without environmental destruction and what has FSC® certification got to do with it? We know that trees are essential to the global ecosystem, yet trees have to be felled to provide many of the items we use every day. Sustainable...


How to Live and Work Sustainably

On 31 March, a much-anticipated book is due to be released. ‘Going Zero: One Family’s Journey to Zero Waste & a Greener Lifestyle’ promises an honest account of fully embracing sustainability. Every decision made was informed by the family’s goal of minimising their environmental impact. As...


Why Shop Local This Christmas?

As the Christmas countdown begins, we encourage you to shop local. This applies to Business to Business (B2B), as well as consumer purchases. There are many reasons to support the businesses in your community and we focus on three: Lower Environmental Impact Better Customer Service ...


Please Recycle Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard can be recycled, with the same fibres being reused seven times to create new boxes. This recycling process saves on raw materials, energy use and transportation costs. As the supply of cardboard has been lower than demand throughout 2021, as many boxes as possible...


Does Buying FSC® Labelled Packaging Make a Difference?

Does it make any difference if we pick packaging or products with the FSC® label? As a packaging supplier that has recently achieved FSC® Certifcation, Aylesbury Box Company was intrigued to learn what impact the organisation has made. FSC® Certified Forests The first interesting discovery was that the...


Packaging Supplier with FSC® Certification

Aylesbury Box Company has an announcement. We have received certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®). Sustainability has underpinned our development; it has informed our packaging solutions and our processes. We know that the future of our business, our customers’ businesses and the environment depend on...