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Cardboard collection and processing services operate across the UK. These make it possible for a high percentage of delivery boxes and product packaging to be reused time and again.
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Please Recycle Cardboard


Please Recycle Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard can be recycled, with the same fibres being reused seven times to create new boxes. This recycling process saves on raw materials, energy use and transportation costs.

As the supply of cardboard has been lower than demand throughout 2021, as many boxes as possible must be kept in the cycle; manufacture, use, collect, recycle, manufacture. To ensure that every company has sufficient boxes to deliver every order, we all need to play our part.

There are cardboard collection and processing services in operation across the UK. These make it possible for a high percentage of delivery boxes and product packaging to be reused time and again. In fact, paper and cardboard are the most recycled of all packaging materials, yet there is scope to boost this further.

A continuous supply of packaging does rely on us all putting cardboard in the correct collection bins or taking it to our local recycling centre. Are you holding onto a stash of ‘just in case’ boxes in your garage or loft? Why not declutter, free up some space and get that cardboard back in the system?

Buckinghamshire Cardboard Collections

Aylesbury Box Company are familiar with the local advice on recycling corrugated cardboard. Householders are asked to flatten boxes and place them in the recycling bin. It is ideal if all plastic inserts and packing tape are removed first, as these cannot be recycled.

If the cardboard boxes are too large or there are too many to fit, they can be secured together in a bundle and left next to the bin on recycling collection days. Also remember not to recycle cardboard packaging that is dirty, greasy, stained or still contains non-recyclable materials or foodstuff. These have to be disposed of in the general waste bin to avoid contaminating cardboard recycling processes.

From September, a new option is becoming available to residents in South Bucks. If you live in this area, expect to receive a separate recycling bin for paper and cardboard waste. This will be collected on the same day as your other recycling. The separation of paper-based waste will help to increase the volume that can be recycled and reused. Further information can be viewed here: https://www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/news/change-in-cardboard-recycling-collections-in-south-bucks-area/

Recycle Now

If you live in another area of the UK, the Recycle Now website offers advice on a wide range of products including cardboard, textiles, batteries and electronic devices. The site can also direct you to your local recycling centres.

Packaging Design to Encourage Reuse and Recycling

Retailers can encourage packaging reuse and correct recycling in several ways. These include:

  • Opting for single material packaging whenever possible
  • Designing packaging that securely slots together, removing the need for packing tapes
  • Using bespoke boxes, cardboard inserts or paper-based fillers to remove the need for bubble wrap and other plastics or polystyrene
  • Applying tear strips and adhesive strips that allow shipping boxes to be reused for returns
  • Printing information and incentives on boxes to encourage recycling
  • Printing beautiful designs or templates that entice customers to reuse the box

Aylesbury Box Company are keen to help you to make sustainable packaging decisions when placing your  orders. Contact our team on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk for advice on packaging design and print, with reuse and recycling in mind.

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