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Printed Packaging


What’s in Your Ideal Home?

Interior inspiration doesn’t get much bigger than the annual Ideal Home Show. Running until 7 April, this event brings together all the best in furniture, fittings, appliances and accessories. So, what features in your ideal home? Visiting The Ideal Home Show Held in London’s Olympia, the Ideal...


Eye-catching Printed Packaging

At this time of year, it seems that everything is a bit grey. Therefore, we need something to lift our spirits and inject a bit of colour into the world. So, in this article, we explore the colour yellow and its use in creating eye-catching...


Printed Packaging for 3D Printing Company

What’s the ideal side hustle for construction engineers? The answer for the husband and wife team at KihaiaPrints was to make something. With an interest in technical modelling, they invested in a 3D printing machine, to provide an accessible route into manufacturing. They came to...


Back to School Fun!

September marks the return to school and some lucky pupils will discover that exciting new equipment arrived over the summer holidays. Active and Creative Play equipment is now recognised as an important factor in child development, as well as providing back to school fun. But,...


Tips for the Best Printed Packaging Results

Plain boxes protect your goods and ensure they arrive in great condition, so is printed packaging necessary? If so, how do you get the best results? Advantages of Printed Packaging Adding print design to shipping boxes, e-commerce mailers and retail packaging offers an opportunity to enhance the...

stack of printed boxes same packaging design

Is Packaging Design Consistency Important?

Packaging is a protector of goods and a provider of information, yet it is also a means of promoting your brand. The colour font, imagery and graphics used in your packaging design can help products to stand out on the shelf. With a consistent approach...

Bunch of roses held in flower boxes

Which Blooms for your Flower Boxes?

Aylesbury Box Company produces cardboard flower boxes for several floristry companies, but which blooms are in trend this season? The British public favours the classics including roses, tulips and lilies. However, it’s great to mix these with a few unusual shapes and colours. So, what...


5 Options for Printing Cardboard Boxes

For e-commerce packaging or retail distribution, branding is vital. The six external and six internal sides to a box all provide an opportunity to market your brand, provide valuable information and encourage engagement. So what are the options for printing cardboard boxes? 1. DIY Printing for...


Things are Hotting Up! – Red Packaging

Every year, fashion houses and paint companies determine the colours of the season or year. Once declared, many brands follow suit, producing clothing, interior furnishings, packaging and more in the tones that are in favour. So, what can we expect in 2023? Colours of the Year...


Printed Packaging: Are Two Colours Enough?

Printed Packaging for e-commerce or retail helps your brand to stand apart. In the past, a full spectrum of colours was seen as the ideal way to achieve eye-catching designs, but simplicity is now in favour. Single or two colour printed packaging is popular, but...