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Best fit boxes & printed packaging deliver the right message for a 3D printing company. From sustainability to personality, packaging matters.
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Printed Packaging for 3D Printing Company


Printed Packaging for 3D Printing Company

What’s the ideal side hustle for construction engineers? The answer for the husband and wife team at KihaiaPrints was to make something. With an interest in technical modelling, they invested in a 3D printing machine, to provide an accessible route into manufacturing. They came to us with a request for printed packaging.

Introducing Kihaia Prints

Alina and Robert started to design and print 3D items in 2022 and they admit it was a process of trial and error. Issues with the printer were just one of the challenges that could have knocked the idea on its head. However, reading the book ‘Finish’, by Jon Acuff, inspired them to continue. The book highlights that it is easy to start a business, but something else to stick with it and make it a success.

With a small selection of unique and amusing products, they launched KihaiaPrints on Etsy at the end of last year and the first orders started to come in.

They admit that it was a slow start and, initially, off-the-shelf packaging seemed sufficient. However, there were some issues. Firstly, the boxes were bigger than the products, which meant filler material was needed to protect the goods from damage. Secondly, the boxes were impersonal.

As orders increased, customers had questions about the production process. Robert and Alina saw an opportunity to tell their story and educate customers through printed packaging. Robert started to make enquiries about printed packaging costs and lead times. Fortunately, he chose to work with us!

“Really pleased with the service & product quality. I enquired to about 10 cardboard manufacturers and I can certainly say that they (Aylesbury Box Company) have the best price and excellent customer service. Totally recommend.”

— Robert Chihaia, KihaiaPrints

How to Use Printed Packaging to Tell Your Story

First impressions count, so the quality of the box and the presentation of the product are important. The first requirement for the KihaiaPrints boxes was that they provided the best fit for the products. Instantly, this enhances protection, reduces the volume of packaging material used and reduces shipping costs. In addition, the time taken to pack each order is significantly reduced.

Having seen other printed packaging get scuffed in transit, Robert was keen to keep the outside of the box plain. However, he wanted to add to the unboxing experience with internal print. He favoured printed packaging over the use of stickers, to ensure that the packaging was 100% recyclable.

He worked with designers to create illustrations and text that share their story. In a concise way, the print design:

  • Explains the production process
  • Highlights the sustainability of materials used
  • Informs that this is a small family business
  • Delivers a small parts warning
  • Provides a QR code for a 10% discount on future purchases

It took time to develop the idea and produce it in a two-colour format which would work on printed packaging, but the result is great. When printed onto the white internal sides of the box, it creates a fresh, clean look and engaging connection with the customer.

Circular Product & Packaging

One of the advantages of 3D printing is that no material is wasted. Any material left over from one printed product can be melted down and used in another. Whilst the final product might resemble plastic, it is made from biodegradable corn starch, a sustainable alternative. What’s more, the goods are made by the seller in the UK, so parts aren’t being shipped around the globe.

KihaiaPrints is built on circular economy principles and this needed to be also reflected in the packaging. For this reason, Robert wanted a cardboard packaging manufacturer. When he discovered that Aylesbury Box Company was just a short drive from home, it was a bonus. This would minimise the carbon emissions when packaging orders were delivered.

“Aylesbury Box Company were very competitive on price. The only other company to offer a similar quote was one that subcontracted to a Turkish company. This didn’t fit with our environmental views. There is also something reassuring about having the option to pop by and visit a local supplier.”

— Robert Chihaia, KihaiaPrints

Designing Bespoke Packaging

This was Robert’s first experience with packaging design. The process took several months from the initial idea to the delivery of the first order, however, Martin was on hand to offer advice and support throughout. Demand for his best-selling product, a novelty sheep toilet roll holder, has been especially strong in the countdown to Christmas. Therefore, some of the new boxes were packed and shipped on the day they arrived!

If you are looking for a fun secret Santa gift, look no further! Find out more about KihaiaPrints on Facebook.

Robert is keen to see whether customers comment on the packaging in reviews and make use of the QR code discount. He believes the new packaging adds value and is a better representation of their brand.

If you are exploring alternatives to off-the-shelf boxes and see the value of printed packaging, get in touch. Our team offer advice and support to guide you through the process and deliver your vision. Call us on 01296 436888 or email

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