Aylesbury BOX Company | Does Buying FSC Labelled Packaging Make a Difference?
As a packaging supplier that has recently achieved FSC Accreditation, Aylesbury Box Company was intrigued to learn what impact the FSC has made.
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Does Buying FSC Labelled Packaging Make a Difference?


Does Buying FSC Labelled Packaging Make a Difference?

Does it make any difference if we pick packaging or products with the FSC label?

As a packaging supplier that has recently achieved FSC Accreditation, Aylesbury Box Company was intrigued to learn what impact the FSC has made.

FSC Certified Forests

The first interesting discovery was that the organisation was only founded in 1995. In the last 26-years, 200million hectares of global forests have been certified. This includes over 1.5million hectares in the UK.

To achieve FSC Certification, the planning, planting and harvesting of the land have to be carefully managed. The aim is to protect the forest for the future and for the plants, animals and people that directly depend on them.

By collaborating with individuals, communities, organisations and Governments, the area of FSC certified forests is expanding year on year. The organisation is also tackling issues around illegal logging, forced labour and the violation of sites of social, cultural and environmental significance.

Traceability Through the Supply Chain

Timber harvested from certified woodlands is stamped with the FSC logo and code. This globally recognised symbol supports traceability through the supply chain. Sawmills, along with furniture, paper and packaging manufacturers can use this information. It ensures they only use responsibly sourced materials.

The first product with an FSC label was a wooden spatula. Now it is found on thousands of 100% sustainably sourced products. Look out for the ‘tree tick’ symbol on furniture, decking, timber cladding, toys, charcoal, bark chippings, play equipment, toilet tissue and more.

FSC Label on Packaging

Cardboard boxes, paper envelopes, tissue paper and carton board packaging also originate from timber. In most cases, responsibly sourced timber fibres are blended with recycled fibres to create new packaging. Once used, paper-based packaging and products can be recycled again (and again).

When packaging manufacturers demonstrate they have sustainable systems and processes in place, FSC accreditation is an option. The company’s ethos and working practices are audited and assessed. If social and environmental standards are met, FSC Accreditation is granted.

Aylesbury Box Company has always worked towards sustainable development. The efforts of our team have paid off, as we are now authorised to use the FSC logo!

For manufacturers, producers and retailers who want to evidence sustainability through the supply chain, using an FSC Accredited packaging supplier is advantageous. The benefits are shared in this short film, Is your Packaging Forest Friendly? which was first shown at Packaging Innovations 2020.

Making a Difference

By selecting products or packaging with the FSC logo you make a difference. The decision helps to support farmers, landowners, communities and organisations that are committed to protecting forests for the future. It also supports safe and fair conditions for forest workers.

Why not keep children occupied by challenging them to spot the FSC logo on products and packaging at home and in the supermarket? Let’s make the next generation aware of the importance of forests.

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