Aylesbury BOX Company | Why Shop Local This Christmas?
As the Christmas countdown begins, Aylesbury Box Company encourages you to shop local and contribute to the benefits of lower environmental impact, better customer service and thriving local economies.
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Why Shop Local This Christmas?


Why Shop Local This Christmas?

As the Christmas countdown begins, we encourage you to shop local. This applies to Business to Business (B2B), as well as consumer purchases. There are many reasons to support the businesses in your community and we focus on three:

  • Lower Environmental Impact
  • Better Customer Service
  • Thriving Local Economies

Reducing the Environmental Impact by Shopping Local

As a nation, we are slowly becoming more conscious consumers. We have a greater awareness of how our purchases impact the environment and are on the look out for recyclable packaging and sustainably sourced goods.

What we aren’t always aware of is the carbon emissions generated through global e-commerce and retail deliveries. Complex supply chains and transportation activities are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. A study by Boston Consulting Group revealed that the true scale of the issue is not measured, as 66% of organisations do not include external emissions in data reporting.

Concerned by the impact of global transportation, companies including Ikea and Unilever have committed to only using zero-carbon ships by 2040. This is a positive move, however, we can take more immediate action by purchasing from local producers.

Local retailers are more likely to stock locally produced goods. Unlike Amazon or the large supermarkets, local shops don’t have the space to bulk buy, so small, independent producers can fulfil orders. As a result, the chance of finding something unique to your area is increased. This is an important factor when you want to purchase a special gift.

Better Customer Service when you Shop Local

To the big brands, your order is just one of thousands being processed every day. To a small local retailer, your order has a much higher value. Their success as a business is dependent on repeat purchases and recommendations, so they have a vested interest in delivering a positive customer experience.

When you shop local, you can have a conversation with the staff. Usually, they have a vested interest in the business. They take an interest in what you are looking for and maybe willing to offer recommendations to best meet your requirements. If they cannot offer what you need, they might order it in or recommend another local stockist.

Although online shopping increased during lockdown, the real champions were the local businesses that stepped up to serve their communities. There were so many wonderful examples of independent retailers providing doorstep deliveries and click & collect services to aid local residents and businesses. Collaboration rather than competition provided for customers in their hour of need.

Now is the time to repay them with your custom. Take a bag with you or arrange a collection to save on packaging materials and shipping costs.

Shop Local for Thriving Local Economies

Every purchase from a local supplier contributes to the local economy. The Executive Summary in this VISA report identifies that £3.80 from every £10.00 spent in local shops is recirculated in the community. It also states that 43% of shoppers had a boost of happiness when they shopped locally.

When the businesses in your village, town or city are thriving, buyers have more choice and there is less need to look elsewhere. As companies grow, they provide jobs for local people and they are more likely to support local charities and organisations. As more people shop local, the community benefits by being a desirable place to visit or live in.

Buy in Buckinghamshire

If you share the same local area as Aylesbury Box Company, you will have your favourite shops to visit in the countdown to Christmas. From tasty treats to delightful gifts, which are your go-to retailers?

For B2B purchases, the Buckinghamshire Business First Directory provides listings of companies covering all sectors. You’ll find us if you search for ‘packaging’.

Local Packaging Company

As a packaging manufacturer, Aylesbury Box Company competes with cheap overseas packaging suppliers. Many customers are surprised that, when shipping costs are factored in, the price comparisons are very tight. As an FSC accredited packaging manufacturer, you can order from us and benefit from supply chain sustainability.

Our team are renowned for providing great customer service. We listen and recommend solutions to match your requirements. We are happy to send cardboard packaging samples so you can check that our suggestions match your expectations. You can trust us to keep you informed of progress with your order. We aim to ensure that buying local is a positive experience.

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