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Aylesbury Box Company has an announcement. We have received accreditation from the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC).
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Packaging Supplier with FSC® Certification


Packaging Supplier with FSC® Certification

Aylesbury Box Company has an announcement. We have received certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®).

Sustainability has underpinned our development; it has informed our packaging solutions and our processes. We know that the future of our business, our customers’ businesses and the environment depend on carefully managed forests. Receiving this formal recognition is a testament to being guided by green credentials.

We thank every member of our team for the part they have played in this achievement.

What does FSC® Certification mean?

To gain FSC® Certification we have provided evidence of sustainable systems and working practices in the production of our cardboard packaging solutions. Our business has been independently audited and the report has been reviewed by the FSC panel. They have decided that Aylesbury Box Company complies with their criterion for high social and environmental standards.

Our customers (and their customers) are aware of the importance of sustainability. They want to make choices that do not harm the environment. Cardboard packaging has grown in popularity due to its high recycled content and the fact it can be easily recycled after use. Seeing FSC® Certification is further proof that our packaging solutions are fulfilling their environmental goals.

We have always sourced FSC® materials, but this company certification makes it easier for our customers to meet and evidence their green credentials through a sustainable supply chain.

What does the FSC® do?

The FSC® label is a globally recognised symbol. The majority of UK consumers are aware that it indicates a product sourced from a managed forest. This is true and it extends far beyond the planting of saplings to replace felled trees.

Protect Forests

The FSC® helps to preserve eco-diversity in forest habitats and it works with local people to explore economically viable means of forest management. Local people are knowledgeable about the local flora and fauna; they have depended on it for food, medicine and construction materials for centuries. Providing options that protect habitats and ensures communities can earn a living reduces the risk of:

• Illegal logging for agriculture or cash crops
• The trade in illegal timbers
• Damage to conservation areas, wildlife corridors and endangered species
• The use of pesticides which can decimate species
• Loss of soil fertility

In the last decade, the FSC® has extended its remit to include landscape restoration. The focus has been on protecting and enhancing biodiversity to aid the resilience of species.

Protect People

The orgnisation takes an active role in improving the economic welfare of people who live and work in the world’s forests. Measures include championing fair pay, safe working conditions and training for forest workers and acting against forced and child labour.

The FSC® Indigenous Foundation works with communities to protect their land ownership, cultural sites and rights. Collaborating with indigenous people can extend learning and understanding for all parties and this is essential for embedding sustainable solutions.

It isn’t only concerned with large-scale projects. They recognise that many smallholders have insufficient resources to become FSC® certified, even if they share the values. Group certification is one option. This involves a collaboration of neighbouring smallholders who collectively instil sustainable practices and achieve recognition.

Encourage Positive Environmental Action

When consumers see the FSC® icon on products and packaging, it increasingly influences their purchasing decisions. They may not know the full scope of the FSC’s work, but they know it is a sign of positive environmental action.

We are delighted to officially recognised as an FSC® Certified packaging supplier.

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