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Wine by the Bottle, Box or Can


Wine by the Bottle, Box or Can

This month wine producers, buyers, connoisseurs and drinkers will be heading to Olympia. Yes, it’s the London Wine Fair! At this event, global exhibitors hope they will find new distributors from restaurants, supermarkets and wine specialists. In addition, there will be discussions about future markets. So, whether you enjoy wine by the bottle, box or can, what are the latest trends?

Pop a Cork at the London Wine Fair

If you enjoy a refreshing glass of sparkling white, a deep and fruity red or are keen on the resurgence of fortified wines, head to Olympia on 20 – 22 May! Corks will be popping and there is no better opportunity for you to sample wines from around the world.

British Wines

At this year’s event, you will discover ‘Drinks Britannia’ the destination for home-grown UK wines. In recent years, English wine has gained a reputation for quality. As such, popular sparkling whites are increasingly offered as a lower-cost, yet quality alternative to champagne. Would you believe that British brands including Chapel Down* and Westwell Pelegrim** have beaten Champagne in blind tastings? So, give them a try.

New Discoveries

In addition, there’s ‘Wines Unearthed’ which is a selection of beverages not previously imported into the UK. Yes, this is your chance to get experimental and discover new flavour notes. We’ve read that wines from Portugal, South Africa and the Jurançon region of France are worth tasting. What are your preferences?

Alternatives to Wine

Other industry trends include the growing interest in organic, vegan and no-alcohol alternatives to wine. On this point, let us direct you to two British brands exhibiting at the London Wine Fair. Both The REAL Drinks Company and Saicho Drinks produce high-end, alcohol-free alternatives. And, with complex flavour notes, these are served as a perfect accompaniment to fine dining in many leading restaurants.

The Future of Wine

So, what do we know about the future of wine? Well, climate change and changing tastes are driving a move from traditional to new. Fresh approaches to planting, maintaining and harvesting are seen as essential for sustainability. There is recognition that focusing on soil quality and the whole ecosystem of a vineyard is essential for the future of wine. As a result, researchers are testing different grape varieties, planting in cooler climates and regenerative practices.

In addition, younger buyers are drawn in by the story. What’s the heritage or innovation of a vineyard? Who are the people behind the process and what about the landscape? Therefore, brands are using wine shipping boxes and labels to tell the story. It’s an opportunity to transport buyers to another land.

Talking of packaging, that’s another thing that is evolving. The majority of wine comes in glass bottles, but things are changing. Wine is now being widely sold in cans, Bag in Box (BIB) and even paper bottles. What’s more, some restaurants are now serving canned wine. These individual servings are less wasteful than opening a bottle that might only be half consumed before oxygenation affects the taste.

Wine Shipping Boxes

If you are one of the exhibitors at the London Wine Fair, consider us if you win orders and contracts. We produce drinks packaging for shipping whites, reds, sparkling and alternatives to wine. With double-walled cardboard and rigid dividers inside, our shipping boxes are sufficiently robust to protect every bottle, box or can.

Wine is typically shipped in boxes containing six bottles, but we are adaptable. If you want single bottle boxes for posting wine, we’ve done that. Maybe you want gift packs with three bottles or cans or have another idea in mind. We can assist. And, we can brand your shipping boxes with your logo, flood print or a snippet of your brand story.

We also produced drinks packaging for companies that sell mixed cases. These need a creative solution for shipping various-sized containers. Is that something that you need?

If the Wine Fair has opened doors and you need to place an order for shipping boxes, get in touch. We offer design, manufacture and print services at competitive prices. What’s more, we are an FSC® certified packaging company, helping you to evidence a sustainable supply chain.

If you’d like to know more or want a quote, please get in touch with our friendly team 01296 436888 or

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