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For Brexit trade, the Government website provides information on what is required when shipping goods abroad. As a UK packaging company, we will focus on your shipping boxes.
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Shipping: Post Brexit Trade


Shipping: Post Brexit Trade

The UK has been renegotiating trade and economic relationships with the EU for years, with little impact on daily operations. Although the UK formally left on 3 January 2020, we have been in a year of transition. This has now ended and, ready or not, changes have now come into force. The print on your packaging and labels is just one of the legal requirements that need updating if you export to European countries.

International Shipping

One of the benefits of being an EU member was the relatively free flow of goods. UK products will now be subject to a higher level of checks and entry declarations. Clearly and correctly printed packaging, associated paperwork and electronic declarations will aid the transition process.

If your company already trades with countries outside the EU, you will be aware that shipping and customs requirements can initially seem complex. Taking positive steps to embrace change and meet the new regulations will help your business to remain competitive.

The Government website provides information on what is required when shipping goods abroad. As a UK packaging company, we will focus on your shipping boxes.

Robust Packaging for International Shipping

Whatever the destination, the primary purpose of shipping boxes is to protect your goods from damage. The packaging should ensure that products arrive in the same condition as they left your warehouse or office. International shipping guidelines state that packages should withstand a 1.5-metre drop. Have you drop-tested your shipping boxes?

Our recommendation is to have bespoke boxes made to provide the best fit for your products. If your box company are informed about the goods to be shipped, they can design a suitably robust packaging solution. If not, Aylesbury Box Company can assist.

The design of the shipping box can include reinforced panels for additional strength and internal elements to hold components or products in place. These inserts reduce the risk of damage, enhance presentation, remove the need for fillers such as bubble wrap.

If you do decide to use fillers, consider the environment. Use bio-degradable materials in place of plastic or polystyrene. Scrunched kraft paper, eco-packaging peanuts and insulating fleece liners are some of the available options.

Use tape or seal strips to secure the boxes. Additional tape can be applied to the corners of shipping boxes to increase their strength, however, this is not a requirement. Speak to your packaging supplier about ways in which the same boxes could be used for returns.

Printed Packaging and Labels

It is important to provide clear information on product packaging, shipping boxes and associated paperwork. Find out which customs forms are required for your goods.  Consider printed boxes with information and handling icons that are required for every delivery. We would recommend a single colour flexographic print, as this is a low-cost option for printed packaging.

If your UK product packaging previously included the EU emblem or EU Health and Identification information, these now have to be removed. Consumable products that meet the EU organic labelling requirements can retain this label until December 2021. This must be accompanied by details of the country of origin and both a GB and an EU Statement of Agriculture.

The Cost of Shipping Exports

The cost of shipping exports is likely to increase, so re-calculate all associated charges to ensure that your fees are covered. The additional duties and taxes are likely to be the primary increase, so ensure it remains profitable to trade overseas.

EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive

One of the advantages of being governed by EU regulations was the regulations around resource efficiency. Reducing trade obstacles was one factor, along with waste reduction initiatives.

We now need to take personal responsibility for remaining progressive when it comes to waste minimisation. Implement measures to reduce packaging, then encourage the reuse of packaging and make it straightforward to recycle packaging. Make resource efficiency an essential part of your business strategy in 2021; there are financial and environmental benefits to be gained.

As a UK cardboard packaging manufacturer, Aylesbury Box Company can assist with standard-sized and bespoke shipping boxes. For further information please contact our team on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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