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Before you opt for standard packaging, we have an important question for you to consider; what do you want the packaging to do? Understanding exactly what you need is the first step in getting the best packaging solution.
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Don’t Order those Boxes!


Don’t Order those Boxes!

Stop! Don’t order those boxes just yet. Before you opt for standard packaging, we have an important question for you to consider; what do you want the packaging to do?

Packaging serves many purposes. Understanding exactly what you need is the first step in getting the best packaging solution.

Protective Shipping Boxes

Damaged goods are wasteful, cause you a headache in dealing with returns and can impact on your company’s reputation. For this reason, custom boxes, made to the specific dimensions of your products are a wise investment.

Will your boxes be used for local deliveries, or are you shipping across the globe? Do you need extra-strong cardboard cartons to keep your items pristine? Do certain components need to be separated during transit, yet together for ease of assembly? Is insulation important?

Explaining the nature of the goods will help a box manufacturer to make recommendations. Samples may be offered, so you can trial the packaging before placing an order.

Impressive Product Presentation

Many boxes are printed on the outside, but what about when the packaging is opened? You want your customers to view the product in its best light. With bespoke boxes, flood printed interiors and matching inserts are effective ways to showcase the contents. Inserts also enhance the rigidity of the box and keep everything in its place.

When consideration is given to presentation, the consumers’ perception of the product and its value increases.

Shelf Ready Packaging

Are you selling wholesale? When your box of goods can be quickly opened and slotted onto the shelf, it makes life easy for retailers. It also gives you some control over how your goods are presented in-store. Vibrantly printed boxes with ripable perforated sections and die-cut handles are perfect if this is the purpose of your packaging.

Packaging companies can also provide printed cardboard point-of-sale displays. These can sit on the counter or be free-standing.

Eye-catching Appeal

Retail packaging is all about attracting the attention of your target customer. To do this, you need to understand what ticks their box. For some, sophisticated simplicity is just the ticket, whilst others will see this as dull. Is it important that your buyer sees a Fairtrade of FSC icon? Are they more concerned with being bang on trend or snapping up a bargain?

The design of your packaging should always keep your customer in mind. From an innovative shape, to easy to open tabs or a beautiful print, how will you win over shoppers?

Speak to your local box manufacturer before providing a brief to your graphic designer. They can explain the best print options for your budget and offer advice on the ideal format for printed packaging.

Building Brand Awareness

Unprinted delivery boxes are a missed opportunity. With simple print design, they can help to promote your business. Add your logo, brand colours or a message to build the connection between the buyer and your brand.

Did you know that once the initial tooling has been set up, single-colour Flexoprint can be applied as part of the box manufacturing process? With no additional time or cost implications, the price of printed delivery boxes can be kept to a minimum.

Keep it Simple

Excessive packaging is wasteful and consumers know it.

Packaging may only be required to hook a product onto a display. It might need to be large enough to include a bar code, but little more. In these examples, forget the box, shapes can be cut from cardboard sheet. This is cheaper for you and better for the environment.

Get Advice from your Local Packaging Company

Your packaging may need to perform multiple roles. Getting helpful advice at the start can help you achieve a bespoke packaging solution for your goods. There is no charge for an initial conversation, so get in touch with your local box company.

Serving customers across the UK, it is business as usual at Aylesbury Box Company If you are looking for a cardboard packaging supplier, contact our friendly team on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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