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Aylesbury Box Company is a long established family business. We set up as a local cardboard packaging manufacturer and served customers within a 40-mile radius of our Aylesbury site.
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ABC Team Branches Out

team at aylesbury box company

ABC Team Branches Out

Aylesbury Box Company is a long established family business. We set up as a local cardboard packaging manufacturer and served customers within a 40-mile radius of our Aylesbury site.

At the start, the large majority of our work centred on the production of large, robust industrial boxes. Our customers needed cardboard cartons that complied with technical requirements and testing. These long-standing customers continue to request a regular supply of cardboard cartons, but in recent years we’ve seen a considerable shift towards printed packaging for products and displays.

Food and pharmaceutical packaging still has to comply with tight regulations, whilst robust performance remains a priority for retail displays and the transport of fragile goods. The difference is increased focus on marketing; we’ve seen a growing interest in printed packaging and bespoke box design. This shift has been noticeably evident with e-commerce packaging.

Aylesbury Box Manufacturer

From the start, we’ve made it our policy to allocate a dedicated Account Manager to each customer. Helen, Adam and John have established strong working relationships by making regular visits to customers, taking time to understand requirements and providing advice. They’ve even helped with packaging stock checks.

Our Account Managers are supported by our office based Customer Service Team. Enid, Rhys, Jo and Martin ensure that every order is fulfilled and every customer is informed. They help to ensure that every step in the process is progressing efficiently.

Beyond ‘Our Patch’

The personal service offered by the team has been viable with locally based customers, however, the rise of online shopping has also seen us receive more enquiries from outside ‘our patch’. This has led to a challenge when it comes to providing the same level of customer service. We needed a fresh approach and last year Cara joined the Aylesbury Box Company team to be the primary contact for our UK wide customers.

Unlike our Account Managers, it simply isn’t possible for Cara to meet every customer she deals with in person. Instead, she’s providing personal customer service over the phone. Cara values honesty, effective communication and understanding. She instantly impressed us with her friendly, yet professional, approach and she’s already built up strong and trusting relationships with customers.

Cara described her role perfectly, “It’s my job to find out what you are looking for and what we can do to create the perfect packaging solution for you!” She achieves this by taking time to really listen, asking questions and using her knowledge of packaging to advise. She’s also an advocate of the ‘Smile when you Dial’ motto and actively avoids a pushy sales approach.

One project that Cara is really pleased with was an order for a company called Bohemian Brands. This leading alcoholic beverage company came to Cara with a box design.  They asked for printed, die-cut 0201’s that were to be used by large wholesalers including Costco. From initial enquiry to delivery of the order, the project took months of hard work. Whilst a challenge for Cara at the early stages of her career with us, she had a huge sense of job satisfaction and a happy customer in the end!

If you are looking for bespoke box design or printed packaging, give us a call on 01296 436888. We are happy to provide advice and a quote to meet your requirements.

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