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Box manufacturers are equipped to offer a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes so you can achieve the perfect packaging solution.
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What Boxes do I Need?


What Boxes do I Need?

Have you used your time in lockdown to plan the launch of your new e-commerce or subscription box company?

Has your business been one of the restaurants or retailers who have rapidly adapted to serve those in isolation during the pandemic?

Either way, you might make a quick decision about the delivery box. If you have never previously considered packaging, you may be surprised to learn that there are many standard box sizes. Box manufacturers can use these templates as the basis for bespoke packaging design.

Speak to a Packaging Manufacturer

When rapidly adjusting to new processes, it may seem easier to simply purchase off-the-shelf boxes in dimensions that suit your product. When you have time to give product packaging a little more thought, we would advise that you call 01296 436888 and speak with our friendly team at Aylesbury Box Company. We can help you to create bespoke boxes to showcase your products and brand.

With an understanding of your product, how it is stored and shipped, we can advise on different packaging options. We focus on sustainability and suggest packaging solutions that will provide adequate protection for your product, without excessive use of materials.

We will also advise on how to create a personalised finish including printed information, graphic illustrations and stylish finishes. If you have questions, we provide the answers and we can offer sample boxes to help you to make an informed decision. If you prefer to email, we can be contacted on enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

Types of Boxes

We realise that it can be daunting talking to a packaging manufacturer if you have not ordered boxes before. Our team avoid the technical terms and focus on providing you with information that helps you to get what you need.

If you prefer to be a little informed before striking up a conversation, here is a summary of the different box ranges that you may see on some packaging company sites:

0100 Range – Rolls or sheets of corrugated cardboard

These are typically used to provide protection when products are stacked.

0200 Range – Slotted boxes

This is the basic delivery box, which is shipped flat packed and assembled on the packing line. Tape or glue strips are needed to form into a sealed box.

0300 Range – Telescopic boxes

Formed from two pieces, this is a box with a separate, removable lid; a shoebox is a familiar example.

0400 Range – Folded boxes and trays

These are formed from a single, hinged sheet of cardboard, which folds together. It can be a simple flat wrap or can include locking tabs, handles and die-cut panels.

0500 Range – Sliding boxes

A separate sleeve slides over a central box, a matchbox is an example of this drawer-like style.

0600 Range – Rigid boxes

In this instance, a rigid box has two separate ends, which are attached to the central panel with an overlaying flap. This strengthens the edges of the box, making it more rigid.

This is a slightly confusing term, as the term ‘rigid boxes’ is also used to describe the high-end laminated packaging which was the subject of a recent rigid boxes blog.

0700 – Ready glued boxes

These boxes are glued or stapled at the join. The base is designed to securely slot together to form a strong hold. When filled, the top can also slot together or it may require glue or tape to seal, depending on the design. It is a popular delivery box design and cardboard 6-bottle wine carriers also come within this range.

0900 – Internal cardboard sections

The inside of a box can be fitted with cardboard dividers, cardboard blocks and other features. These help to keep components apart, reduce the risk of damaged parts and improve product presentation.

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We hope this brief guide helps you to feel better informed about those packaging discussions. Within each range, box manufacturers are equipped to offer a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes so you can achieve the perfect packaging solution.

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