Aylesbury BOX Company | Irk to Perk: Boxes for Innovative Beachwear
The best ideas are those which solve a common frustration. If you love nothing more than a day at the beach, you’ll love the innovative products developed by one of our printed packaging customers.
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Irk to Perk: Boxes for Innovative Beachwear


Irk to Perk: Boxes for Innovative Beachwear

The best ideas are those which solve a common frustration. If you love nothing more than a day at the beach, you’ll love the innovative products developed by one of our printed packaging customers.

As I write, it is World Ocean Day, so let’s look to the seas. Maybe you were one of the many who headed straight for the coast for the bank holiday weekend. Whether it is a sunny day in the UK or a dream holiday destination, it is hard to beat golden sands, rolling waves and fresh sea air.

So, you arrive at the beach and find a spot to lay out your towel. Then it is straight down to the water to surf, paddleboard, bodyboard or swim. Except, hold on a minute, what do you do with your valuables? Aylesbury Box Company has recently delivered bespoke packaging to a company with the answer.

Ticking all the Boxes

Randy Cow has developed stylish swimming trunks with an integrated waterproof pocket. Made from flexible TPU with Neodymium magnets (that’s the science bit!), the pocket snaps shut with your possessions inside. Your mobile phone and bank cards are then protected in the air and water-tight sealed pocket to depths of up to 30m.

One irk solved, but where’s the perk? Well, this beachwear is made from 90% recycled plastic (mixed with spandex for added flexibility and comfort). Around 12 used plastic bottles are processed and repurposed for every pair of premium board shorts. Instead of entering the ocean as plastic waste, they have a new lease of life.

To add to the problem-solving beach-lovers range, Randy Cow also offers large, soft and super-absorbent towels. They are quick-drying, lightweight and are made from 100% recycled plastic. Unlike standard beach towels, they aren’t bulky – they fold into a compact bag (supplied with each purchase).

As a final bonus, Randy Cow is a member of a global network of organisations that are committed to environmental giving. 1% for the planet members donate 1% of profits to projects that help to protect our natural world.

The environmental ethos of the company and the green credentials of the product have aided commercial success. Selfridges is one of the stores to stock Randy Cow board shorts and their interest in the product was spiked by its sustainability.

Sustainable Packaging for a Memorable Unboxing Experience

A strong brand identity is an important part of the Randy Cow image and interaction with customers. As such, the packaging design was a crucial part of the customer experience. These aren’t just any swimming trunks; they are Randy Cow swimming trunks!

In line with the company ethos, all packaging solutions have to be sustainable, reusable and recyclable. Products are wrapped in branded tissue paper and packaged in boxes with printed inserts and stickers. The boxes fit into drawstring beach bags before being sent to the customer. The company have received plenty of positive feedback about both the product and packaging.

“Fantastic product *****, we have the mens and boys shorts and now the towels. Love it all. So well thought out from the Packaging, to the communication. It’s all fun and informative. Great job guys, highly recommended.”

– Laura Simona, customer

Packaging Problem Solved

When Randy Cow approached Aylesbury Box Company they were irked. They had placed an order for printed boxes with another packaging supplier in August 2019 and had been given a delivery date of November – just in time for their official launch the following month. A week before the boxes were due, the company sent an email to say that the printing machine was broken and they were unable to fulfil any of the packaging order.

Trying not to let panic set in, the team set about finding a new packaging supplier. Mentions on different channels and forums led them to us. They spoke with Martin.

“Martin listened, understood the need for a speedy turnaround and cared. We had the exact dimensions and print design we wanted, but he took the time to explain a few details.  His advice meant that we ended up with a better packaging solution and at a lower cost than the original company. He made the process easy and we received the first batch of boxes in mid-December. They were exactly what we wanted and meant we could launch pre-Christmas.”

– Dave Weller, MD Randy Cow

So, another irk to perk – having been let down, they now have better packaging at a better price!

We’ve just sent the second batch of 2000 printed boxes to the company and are thankful that they have been putting others our way. We always endeavour to find the best packaging solution for protecting the product, representing the brand and keeping within budget.

If you want to speak with Martin or one of our other knowledgeable and helpful team about your branded packaging design ideas, get in touch on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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