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Aylesbury Box Company has joined The Woodland Trust as a corporate member and has selected Lindengate as the local charity to support; find out why.
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Box Company Supports Woodlands & Wellbeing


Box Company Supports Woodlands & Wellbeing

Aylesbury Box Company’s efforts to fully embrace sustainability have largely focused on internal factors. We’ve implemented measures to make the best use of resources. This has encompassed the recruitment and retention of our team, along with minimising waste, energy and water use. More recently, we’ve been broadening our outlook; firstly, to suppliers and then to charity support. Let us tell you more.

Sustainability Matters

Aylesbury Box Company has long been concerned with enhancing the sustainability of our business. We see that our long-term vision of continued commercial success is only possible if we take care of our team, our resources and our wider impact.

Selling a Sustainable Product

We primarily sell cardboard packaging. This is made from over 80% recycled fibres – sometimes 100% and our boxes can be collected and recycled at the end of use. We promote optimised packaging design that reduces waste and is a good alternative to plastic. So, we have a sustainable product.

Implementing Sustainable Processes

Building on this, we made changes to our processes and work environment. Investment in LED lightbulbs, efficient machines, electric vehicles and the Cycle to Work Scheme are just a few examples of steps that helped us to cut emissions. We are now actioning plans to help us become carbon neutral by 2025.

Sustainability Through the Supply Chain

Having made a series of internal changes, we started exploring suppliers. We asked questions, sought advice and where necessary found new suppliers that matched our values. With clarity about our supply chain sustainability, we felt confident to apply for FSC® certification. After independent audits, this was awarded in 2021.

Charity Partners Making a Positive Impact on Nature

With this significant achievement under our belt, our attention turned to our local environment. We wanted to find charitable organisations that were making a positive impact on nature. There are certainly plenty to choose from and we have narrowed the options to two.

The Woodland Trust

Aylesbury Box Company has joined The Woodland Trust as a corporate member. In supporting The Woodland Trust, we are helping to create, restore and protect UK woodlands.

Trees are essential for life, through carbon capture and oxygen release, they are essential for our survival. Trees are also necessary for the paper-based packaging industry, yet the UK has the lowest woodland cover in Europe.

Since it was established in 1972, The Woodland Trust has been addressing this issue. Their actions have seen 50m trees planted, 34 thousand hectares of ancient woodland revived and 1,172 woodlands saved. Their current initiative is the Big Climate Fightback; an ambitious, yet achievable plan to inspire communities to plant millions of trees across the UK.


Lindengate is a charity local to Aylesbury. They have transformed 5 acres of land into a sanctuary in which they support people with common mental health needs. Groups include:

  • Memory Pathways for those with dementia and other forms of memory loss
  • Green Volunteens for under 18’s who benefit from outdoor activities
  • #YOU’VE for unemployed individuals who want to build skills and confidence

Group activities focus on gardening, conservation, cooking, crafts and company, as these nature-based activities are known to improve wellbeing. The site also holds weekly drop-in sessions, when anyone can visit for some calm, tranquil time in nature.

We have chosen Lindengate as a charity to support because it is passionate about nature, well-being and sustainable living. It helps to reconnect people with the natural environment, which will help them to see its value. It’s great to have such a charity on our doorstep.

Our support for these two organisations is one way to demonstrate Aylesbury Box Company’s commitment to the environment.

Sustainable Packaging Supplier

Many companies are now seeking sustainable packaging solutions. If you have questions about our retail packaging, shipping boxes or sustainability policy, please get in touch: 01296 436888 or

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