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From humble beginnings - we share the story of two Aylesbury Box Company customers. Let this inspire your route to business success.
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Inspiration for Start-up Businesses

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Inspiration for Start-up Businesses

In recent months, Aylesbury Box Company have been contacted by a record number of start-up businesses. Furlough, redundancy and job uncertainty has been the catalyst for many people to become their own boss.

Data shared on Small Business suggests that 12,490 of the new businesses launched in 2020 were e-commerce. Their research also indicates that many more have the same intention in mind.

“Every downturn in economic history is accompanied by a rise of entrepreneurship.”

– Iain Wright, Director of Business and Industry Strategy as the Institute of Chartered Accountants

Launching a business is both scary and exciting – there is so much to learn! If you are embracing the opportunity to give it a shot, we wanted to share the story of two of our customers, Tim’s Dairy and Ben’s Cookies. Both started small, but have grown into big brands. Maybe your enterprise will follow suit.

Tim’s Dairy

Talking of challenging economic situations, Tim’s Dairy was set up in post-war London in 1949 by two Greek brothers. They converted a small London basement into a hive of yoghurt-making activity! At the time, yogurt was relatively unknown in the UK, so the market was limited. The family had churns of milk delivered in place of bottles and prepared small batches. These were sold in local shops and to restaurants.

The taste for yogurt grew, as did their business. In 1996, with four sons now in charge, operations moved to a Buckinghamshire Dairy. Their bio-live Greek yogurts have won a host of Great Taste Awards. If you would like to give them a try, they are sold in Waitrose, Coop, Asda and many independent farm shops and delis.

Aylesbury Box Company supply this brand with plain cardboard sheet board. The protective and insulating properties of corrugated cardboard aid the stacking and shipping of the yogurt pots.

Ben’s Cookies

Ben’s Cookies was launched at a stall in Oxford’s Covered Market in 1983. When it is safe to travel again, you might visit this popular tourist destination. If you do, you will find that the business is still trading. Will you pick a chocolate chunk cookie or will you be tempted to try matcha and chocolate, chocolate and rose or ginger?

The business was originally set up by Helge Rubinstein and named after her son. He will be 38 years older now! Her approach was to prepare the dough in advance and then freshly bake the cookies through the day. Large chunks of chocolate instead of choc chips and the smell as you pass the stall is difficult to resist.

Whilst it is impressive that they are still open for business, this isn’t the end of the story. If you live a little further afield, you can find Ben’s Cookies in Cambridge, London, Edinburgh, Bath, Bristol and Brighton. The dough is still prepared in Oxford and shipped to these shops to be freshly baked.

It is even possible that you may spot Ben’s Cookies on your holidays. They have opened stores in Singapore, Dubai, Bangkok and other destinations around the world. If you pass one, take a look at the company logo; it was designed by Quentin Blake!

If all this talk about cookies has made you peckish, don’t despair! it is possible to order online. Aylesbury Box Company supplies Ben’s Cookies with shipping boxes for their deliveries. These black printed outers get filled with those trademark red boxes, which hold the delicious treats.

Small Business Success

We hope that these two examples of humble beginnings will inspire you. If you think that Aylesbury Box Company could help you on your journey, by becoming your packaging supplier, get in touch on 01296 436888. We can even assist with packaging design.

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