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Today we have come across a delightful collection shows the stylish simplicity that can be achieved with cardboard packaging. Many of these are low-cost packaging designs.
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Stylish Cardboard Packaging Inspiration


Stylish Cardboard Packaging Inspiration

Today we have come across a Pinterest board created by Lily Lee. This delightful collection shows the stylish simplicity that can be achieved with cardboard packaging.

If you take a look at Lily’s Corrugated Box collection, you will see wonderful examples of subscription boxes, retail packaging and e-commerce boxes.

Many of these are low-cost packaging designs. They prove that you can achieve stunning packaging without a big budget.

Packaging Boxes for the Best Fit

A cardboard packaging manufacturer can create boxes to any size specification. Your products may fit into slimline e-commerce packaging that can be delivered through the letterbox or you may need a large delivery box. The examples on Lily’s board are mainly small cardboard boxes.

Whilst many of these are quite similar in scale and style, each company has added its own twist with print and/or finishing details. These features add interest, excitement and branding which give extra value to those on the receiving end.

There is a wonderful variety of packaging inspiration, but let’s look at a few examples from Lily’s board:

EtenIren Packaging Wraps

The image for this baking company shows a range of different boxes. Rather than printing the boxes, they have designed a printed wrap. This can be applied to any sized box, providing consistent branding in a simple, appealing style. The printed wrap elevates the packaging and the perception of the product inside.

Horseshoe Photography Finishing Details

Again, this example shows a range of plain boxes. These have been finished with a black ribbon and printed sticker. As the ribbon has been tied in the same way and the sticker applied in the same position on every box, it creates a professional finish. These finishing details are likely to be time-consuming, yet they express the care and creativity that has also gone into capturing the images inside.

Swirl Mono-print Design

The black coat hanger design printed onto plain corrugated cardboard boxes gives a classic look to the Swirl boxes. There is an initial cost for the design and print set up, but after that, mono-print designs can be applied as part of the box manufacturing process at no extra cost.

A.Lynn Designs and Runa Beauty have also opted for mono-print. In this example, the linear black design is printed onto white boxes for greater contrast. The cleanliness of the white works effectively for a beauty range.

Please note that mono-print is not limited to black; any single colour can be printed. White onto plain cardboard is popular and some striking effects have been achieved with bright colours.

Atmoss Lighting

Talking of vibrant colours, we love the simple geometric blue and white design which brands the Atmoss Lighting packaging collection. It is quite different from standard lighting packaging and would stand out on the shelf.

Ursa Major Flood Printed Inserts

The Ursa Major boxes illustrate a popular trend – internal printing. These boxes are kept relatively plain and simple on the outside but open up to reveal your products against a colourful backdrop. It adds to the delight of the reveal and looks amazing on unboxing videos.

Ursa Major has also added flood printed inserts to their product packaging. These serve a dual purpose – minimising the movement and potential damage of goods whilst also enhancing the presentation. It looks fabulous, but flood printed packaging is not an expensive option.

‘Tis the Season Printed Subscription Boxes

Creating beautiful packaging is a brilliant way to encourage reuse. At a time when we desperately need to reverse the throw-away culture, printing plays its part. If you received this delightful subscription box through your door, it would be a sin to bin it.

Contact a Cardboard Packaging Specialist

The friendly team at Aylesbury Box Company can assist you with the design of your packaging to ensure it is both fit for purpose and aesthetically pleasing. We can advise on ways to achieve stunning results like those shown on Lily Lee’s Pinterest board.

Call us on 01296 436888 and talk to us about what you want to achieve. Send us your packaging design ideas and branding and we can provide samples. If you prefer, we can be contacted via email.

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