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A Box of Gaming Delights


A Box of Gaming Delights

The gaming industry has come a long way since the 1980s. Whilst ‘Horace Goes Skiing’ or ‘Manic Miner’ may still have a retro appeal, advances in hardware and software have boosted the entertainment value of gaming.

If you are considering ways to combat the boredom of self-isolation, a virtual reality (VR) headset could provide the solution. With excellent graphics and the ability to block out any visual distractions, a VR headset could keep you occupied for hours. It transforms simply playing a game into an immersive experience.

Rather than observing the game, players with VR Headsets can become part of it. The scenes, action and characters are brought to life. Have a look around, take in the setting from all angles and feel fully transported into a new world.

Cardboard and More

One of the best-known VR Headsets is Google Cardboard. Created from shaped corrugated cardboard, this is a basic, low-cost option to bring VR to the masses. For those that are more serious about technology, Oculus, Valve, Playstation and HTC Vive VR Headsets are the leading options.

With adjustable settings, the screen can be adapted to give players clarity. The headset can also be tailored to offer greater comfort. Several models also include built-in headphones to block out daily sounds.

Could this be the way for you to deal with restrictions on travel?

HTC Vive Packaging

Aylesbury Box Company was approached to manufacture the packaging for HTC Vive Headsets.

The inside of the box is divided into foam-lined sections. These offer maximum protection and professional presentation of the separate components. Blue and black printing helped to maintain a strong brand identity.

The main packaging is a black box with a combination of matt and gloss finish. The blue logo and a strip of white add a touch of definition. The result is classy and high-end packaging for advanced, innovative technology.

If you are looking to create bespoke retail packaging solutions that set your product apart, get in touch with the Aylesbury Box Company team on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

Virtual Living and Working

Whilst gaming is the main reason why people purchase VR Headsets, this is not their sole purpose. If you enjoy watching movies, they can be used to provide a cinema experience at home. Using apps such as Altspace can also allow you to virtually socialise with friends.

Away from entertainment, Virtual Reality Headsets are also being used by organisations. They have proven a valuable training tool; helping employees to gain valuable experience in a safe setting. The pilot cockpit is a prime example. VR offers a great way to deliver immersive training and for trainees to practice hazardous tasks.

The reality of the visuals is such that VR has proven successful in helping people to overcome fears and phobias. They can help condition the brain to cope with situations that cause anxiety.

VR Supporting Learning

We recently visited Oxford Brookes University, who are using VR to enable students to ‘handle’ rare and valuable specimens from their collections. VR can allow multi students to explore a single item at one time. It also supports remote learning with students from around the world.

They have also teamed with the University in Jordan to record historically significant items from their collection. Fighting in the region means there is a real risk that unique pieces will be damaged or destroyed. Whilst nothing can beat the originals, capturing them in a way that students and scientist from around the world can see and learn from them means they will not be completely lost.

Maybe you know of other amazing uses for this technology.

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