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Aylesbury Box Company loves hearing how cardboard solutions are helping to individuals to get creative and fill their time.
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Cardboard helps social distancing


Cardboard helps social distancing

With the rise in demand for online shopping, it is no surprise that orders for cardboard boxes have gone through the roof. Local shops, producers and suppliers have been quick to adapt in response to customer needs. They were quick to initiate new processes that allowed customers to place an order, which was then delivered to the door.

This responsive approach and a plentiful supply of cardboard delivery boxes helped many people to continue social distancing until they felt safe to venture out. Having adopted new shopping habits, many customers are keen to stick with the convenience and safety of shopping from home.

How did you spend your time during lockdown?

For some people, these deliveries in cardboard boxes provided the material to keep them occupied and creative during lockdown.

One sparky pensioner has revealed an impressive project that was created from cardboard boxes and cereal packets. The packaging received by Peter Hulme was repurposed into the streets of 17th Century London. He hopes to donate the impressive cardboard model to a school or group that will benefit from a historic re-creation.

An Online Cardboard Boat Race

With marine, rather than architectural interests, others took the time to build an entry for the Bideford Water Festival. This is an annual cardboard boat race, which is organised by the local Rotary Club as a charity fundraiser.

In previous years, the cardboard boats have been of sufficient size to carry a passenger. The participant can aid progress by rowing, but there are always some entertaining moments when boats tip or sink. Understandably, the event has quite a following and usually attracts large numbers of visitors.

The need for social distancing has led to a few changes. Determined to not be beaten by Coronavirus, the organisers changed the design criteria. This year, cardboard boxes were transformed into smaller vessels, which were launched by Rotary Club members without passengers or the usual audience.

If this idea has inspired you, could you create a cardboard boat and see if it floats in your paddling pool, bath or a local stream? Just remember to collect the soggy cardboard and dispose of it in your recycling bin. It can then be processed and formed into new boxes for online deliveries!

Cardboard Crowd

Football teams and theatres were among those who turned to cardboard solutions to a social distancing issue. Empty seats can be saddening when you are used to performing in front of a crowd. Whilst nothing can replace the energy, support and engagement of an audience, a novel idea caught on.

Supporters were invited to have their faces printed onto cardboard cutouts. These were ‘seated’ in the stands or stalls to create a virtual crowd. In purchasing a cardboard replica, supporters donated towards the upkeep of their favourite venue.

Some restaurants have seated cardboard diners in every other seat, as a novel way to maintain social distancing around large tables. Where would you choose to place your cardboard cut-out?

We also read about a teacher who wanted a socially-distanced class photo. Her solution was to sit each of their primary class in separate cardboard boxes. They each struck a pose and the image was captured. What a great idea!

Cardboard is the Solution

Aylesbury Box Company loves hearing how cardboard solutions are helping to individuals to get creative and fill their time. If your company needs standard or bespoke delivery boxes, printed with your company logo or a unique design, get in touch with our team on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk. We’ll be happy to discuss requirements, make recommendations and send you a sample.

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