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Need a great novel for your summer holidays? Coles Books is a hidden gem and order arrive in a bespoke boxes to elevate the experience.
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Bespoke Boxes for Books


Bespoke Boxes for Books

Are you on the lookout for a great novel for your summer holidays? Let us tell you about a hidden gem. Coles Books in Bicester is one of those delightful independent shops that exceeds expectations. It will remind you of the joy of buying a book and reading. And, if you order online, your books will arrive in bespoke boxes that elevate the experience.

Treat Yourself to a Good Book

As we embark on the holiday season, many of us will be packing a book or two. A survey* conducted in 2023 suggests that 51% of UK residents only find time to read when on a break. In addition, participants stated that reading on holiday was a pleasure as a gripping storyline helping people to relax and unwind. What’s more, 68% of respondents still prefer a paperback book to e-books.

A break from the usual demands of life means that holidays give us time to indulge in reading. Do you opt for a well-regarded author or seek out a new release? Are you drawn in by the cover or trust in recommendations from friends? Whatever your preferred genre, we would recommend checking out Coles Books.

This small business loves books and it is evident in the knowledgeable staff, the diverse range of books and the fantastic customer service. It’s no problem if you aren’t local. Your online order will arrive in bespoke boxes with great care taken to wrap and pack. As a result, when you unbox your books it certainly feels as though you’ve treated yourself.

Bespoke Boxes for Books

We’ve supplied sustainable, printed e-commerce packaging to Coles Books for years. Their bespoke boxes are designed to fully protect the books in transit. Therefore, the box style neatly wraps the books and optimises the cushioning features of corrugated cardboard.

Before being placed in the box, the books are hand-wrapped in tissue paper to protect the cover. Coles Books has always avoided plastic packaging. They also value the unboxing experience long before it was all about influencers posting on social platforms. This care is simply a reflection of their love for books and it is noted in almost every customer review.

Here are a few examples:

“The delivery was fast and the books I ordered were expertly packaged and very secure to avoid any damage. Keep up the great work team!”

“If you are buying online, good choice… beautifully packaged and presented items packed by an actual person who labels them by hand.”

“The lady I spoke to could not have been more helpful and then when the book arrived… the most delightful packaging ever – packed superbly with care and attention to detail. I wish I’d followed the trend for filming unboxing as it felt like a very special event – brilliant.”

Sustainable Packaging Being Embraced by Publishers

Although Coles Books has championed sustainable packaging from the outset, this hasn’t been an industry-wide approach. As such, other publishers and retailers often use single-use plastic and ill-fitting boxes. However, consumers are influencing a change.

Publishers, including Penguin Random House, have now committed to eliminating single-use plastic. And, in a bid to minimise their carbon footprint, the literary industry is embracing sustainable supply chains. As a result, we’re seeing more green packaging solutions for shipping books.

Look out for 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes, printed with plant-based inks and sealed with biodegradable tape. It’s all contributing to a positive customer experience.

UK Supplier of Book Boxes

For publishing companies and retailers that are seeking sustainable solutions, we are a UK supplier of cardboard book boxes. As an FSC® certified packaging company, we can help you to evidence supply chain sustainability and your bespoke boxes will be manufactured on-site. Our knowledgeable team is happy to advise on design and print and provide a sample box for you to test.

To discuss your requirements, call 01296 436888 or email



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