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When Cardboard is Your Home


When Cardboard is Your Home

At the moment, many people are visiting the Ideal Home Show for interiors inspiration. However, such aspirations are a far cry from everyone’s experience of a place to live. For some people, a stack of cardboard on the street is what counts as home. So, we’d like to share a recent project that raised money for a local homeless charity.

Raising Awareness of Homelessness

We recently donated a stack of corrugated cardboard to the Whiteleaf Scouts, but what was this for?

In March, a group of 21 scouts recently swapped the comfort of their bed for a sleeping bag in an unheated village hall. They were sleeping out to raise awareness and funds for Wycombe Homeless Connection (WHC).

It was a cold night, and the Whiteleaf scouts could only bring a roll mat, sleeping bag and the clothes they were wearing to the Sleepout. Yet, they were keen to support the work of WHC, which includes:

  • Preventing homelessness
  • Advocacy for individuals who are at risk of becoming homeless
  • Providing practical support for individuals who become homeless

We were impressed that so many took part in aid of a worthy local cause. The evening has raised an impressive £565.00 for the charity so far. If you wish, there is still time to donate.

Why Cardboard?

As part of the evening, the scouts used the cardboard we supplied to build temporary shelters to increase their comfort during the night. From the images we’ve seen, they created some impressive dens to provide privacy and retain body heat. This group activity was a bit of fun, yet it is a reality for those who live on the streets.

Cardboard boxes can often be found outside shops and restaurants at the end of the day, so it’s a readily available material. When laid flat, it does offer a little insulation and cushioning in comparison to lying directly on the floor. It is far from a comfortable bed, but for many homeless people, cardboard is the best they can get.

It is hard to imagine being in this position, which is why the work of WHC is so important. Cardboard boxes have their role to play, but they aren’t designed to be someone’s home.

Find out more about WHC

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