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Can the actions we take as businesses in Europe have any impact on reducing deforestation in tropical rainforests?
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What Causes Deforestation?


What Causes Deforestation?

Forests have always provided resources for the people and animals that live on Earth. However, the demand for certain products has made it profitable to chop down significant areas of forest, replacing the trees with agriculture. Can the actions we take as businesses in Europe have any impact on reducing deforestation in tropical rainforests?

What Causes Deforestation?

Within the Amazon rainforest, some tribes are still fully dependent on the rainforest for survival. They work in harmony with the environment, taking what they need and nothing more, to ensure a continued supply of the plants and animals they rely on.

Encroaching their land are loggers and huge machinery that fell hundreds of trees every day. They are clearing the ancient landscape to provide space to grow plants and raise animals with a higher commercial value. Beef, soy, palm oil, coffee, cacao, rubber and timber is in demand, so it is easy to see this as a way for individuals and countries to earn money.

The issue is that the Amazon and other vast forests play a vital role in protecting the global environment. The outcome of replacing forests with other crops includes a rise in temperatures, soil erosion and carbon release. Scientists have warned that losing 20-25% of the Amazon rainforest would be a tipping point for life on Earth. With that in mind, it is a scary fact to know that 17% has already gone.

Policies to Reduce Deforestation

There is some positive news. When Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva became the new Brazilian President in January, he pledged to reduce deforestation. So far, he is sticking to his word, firstly by increasing surveillance of the forests. Secondly, by increasing fines on illegal loggers and thirdly, by promoting the value of protecting the rainforest.

Evidence collected by Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research shows that 193 square miles of rainforest were cleared in July. Whilst this is significant, it is a huge decline from July 2022 and the lowest rate recorded in 6 years.

An environmental summit held in Brazil this month aims to explore how the global community can contribute to Lula Da Silva’s mission to protect the rainforest from deforestation. Building on this, is it possible for businesses like ours to make a difference?

Size of Wales Deforestation Tool Kit

A UK organisation called Size of Wales invested in around 2 million hectares of tropical rainforest, to protect it. This equates to the size of Wales, hence the name! They have created a deforestation toolkit for businesses that are keen to support actions to preserve forests.

This free resource aims to build awareness and suggest ways in which businesses can make a difference.

These include:

  • Checking the origins and certificates of products to ensure sustainable sourcing
  • Recommendations on how to lower consumption of cash crops
  • Selecting ethical companies to supply utilities, banking, pensions and other business services

The toolkit provides Policy templates to support changes. In addition, there are case studies of the Co-op and Cardiff restaurant Ansh, to evidence the decisions and outcomes when these businesses decided to address deforestation.

Find out more

Sustainable Packaging Company

As an FSC certified business, we track and monitor our supplies and this is valued by customers who prioritise supply chain sustainability. The trees used in the production of our cardboard boxes come from responsibly managed forests, where saplings replace felled trees and ecosystems are protected.

As a sustainable packaging company, we have also minimised our use of resources and are working towards net zero. This toolkit will be useful in helping us to understand additional ways to make a positive difference. We may never visit the Amazon rainforest, yet we believe it is in everyone’s interest to preserve it. Do you agree?

If you are looking to source sustainable packaging, get in touch with our team on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk to discuss your requirements and our recommendations.

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