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Wednesday 1 November is World Vegan Day and Vegan subscription boxes offer a taster of alternatives if you want to make more ethical choices.
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Vegan Subscription Boxes & Products

Cornish seaweed products and packaging

Vegan Subscription Boxes & Products

Wednesday 1 November is World Vegan Day and you don’t have to be a vegan to join in. Instead, see this is an opportunity to consider incorporating more plant-based and animal cruelty-free products into your lifestyle. The challenge can be knowing where to start. What alternative products are available if you want to make vegan choices?

The opportunity to try out new products is one reason why  subscription boxes can be a good idea. Vegan subscription boxes provide a monthly taster of beauty products, snacks or meal options. You can sample different options and decide what you like. Alternatively, you may choose World Vegan Day to order a product that has been recommended by a friend or on a forum. Simply switching to one cruelty-free product or eating a meat-free meal each week is an ethical choice.

Embrace World Vegan Day with Ethical Products and Subscription Boxes

In this article, we share a few ethical options that may help you embrace World Vegan Day. So, let’s start with three vegan beauty options:

Vegan Beauty Boxes & Products

Leonie Botanics has blended a rejuvenating face oil that uses natural ingredients to transform skin health. This formulation has delivered great results, even on the most sensitive complexions.

Cornish Seaweed Bath Company produce shampoo, conditioner and skincare products from organic seaweed that is harvested from the coasts of South West England. Their customers boast thicker, stronger and shiner hair.

The Vegan Kind compiles a bi-monthly beauty subscription box to bring ethical products through your letterbox. Why not treat yourself or send one as a gift?

Vegan Treat Boxes & Products

Freddie’s Farm transforms locally grown fruit into tasty berry bars and fruit shapes. We think these are an tasty and healthy option, which are ideal for children’s lunch boxes.

Bare Popcorn is a small company that hand cook and naturally flavour deliciously crunchy popcorn that is suitable for vegans. What better low-fat snack for movie nights?

The Goodness Project offers luxury hampers, gift boxes and subscriptions including a vegan brownie box, afternoon tea or wine. What’s more, you don’t need to be home when they are delivered, as they come in letterbox friendly packaging.

Vegan Drink Boxes & Products

Three Robins produces fortified oat milk in original and chocolate flavours. Three Robins were Bronze medal winners in the Vegan Nourish Awards 2023 and have been awarded a Great Taste Award star. Surely that makes it worth a try.

Mother Cuppa blends of herbal teas are 100% plant-based and beneficial to the mind and body. Unlike a traditional brew, no milk is required for a great flavour with these teas.

Vegan Food Boxes & Products

Mindful Chef offers plant-based meal recipe boxes for those wanting to enjoy vegan dinners. Inspired by global cuisines, these are a great source of ideas and show that vegan food needn’t be bland.

Huel provides complete nutrition in convenient drinks, powders, meals and snack bars. Fortunately, all of their products are vegan, easy to consume on the go and can be ordered as a regular subscription box.

Vegan Friendly Printed Packaging

If you sell vegan products, it’s vital to ensure that every part of your process fits with this ethical stance. That includes the packaging. Did you know that some inks and glues used to print or adhere packaging are not vegan?

The Aylesbury Box Company team has worked with many companies that blend, manufacture or sell vegan beauty and food products. As a result, we have researched all materials used in our processes. Therefore, we can recommend the best options for vegan brands.

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If you would like to discuss packaging solutions for subscription boxes and online orders, get in touch on 01296 436888 or We are happy to answer your questions on ecommerce packaging. What’s more, we will proactively recommend options to best suit your requirements.

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