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Despite a dramatic fire, work has already resumed at the packaging plant, with minimal effect on the supply of cardboard boxes.
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Cardboard Packaging Industry News


Cardboard Packaging Industry News

The news of a large fire at Smurfit Kappa was a shock to the cardboard packaging industry. They are a major supplier of cardboard to smaller UK packaging companies, including us, with many people across the industry knowing individuals in the team.

We were relieved to hear that the quick actions of employees and the West Midlands Fire Service ensured there were no casualties. Although the blaze could be seen for miles around, it was brought under control.

We were delighted to hear that work has already resumed at the packaging plant, as the clear-up operation continues.

Impact on Packaging Supplies

Although there is healthy competition in the packaging industry, there is also a lot of collaboration and connections. No business works in isolation. Events in one business do hit home and can have a ripple effect.

With cardboard boxes in demand by online retailers, industrial manufacturers and takeaway shops, there were fears that this fire would impact supplies of cardboard across the country.  Fortunately, in a press statement, Smurfit Kappa said, “The paper mill itself is unaffected and we do not expect any material impact on production.”

Investigations into the cause of the fire continue. We have been informed that it was the result of a tree that caught fire from an out-of-control BBQ in a neighbouring garden. This is a stark reminder that we should never underestimate the potential power and destruction of fire.

Despite the dramatic event, Smurfit Kappa continues to provide cardboard supplies to us and we also have a second cardboard supplier, D S Smith. We can therefore reassure our customers that we expect no changes to lead times and supplies.

We wish Smurfit Kappa every success in recovering from the incident and resuming normal activities.

Further information on the blaze was reported by Reuters:

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