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Exploring how subtle changes to your packaging design can save you and your customers a fortune. The starting point for this aspect of packaging design is to look at postal charges.
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Packaging Advice for Start-up Companies 2


Packaging Advice for Start-up Companies 2

How Bespoke Boxes Can Reduce your Postage Costs

In the previous ‘Packaging Advice for Start-ups’ blog, we focused on how to make an impact on a tight budget. This article explained that, although you may initially consider bespoke packaging as an unnecessary expense, it can be cost-effective.

This article takes that theory a step further. We explore how subtle changes to your packaging design can save you and your customers a fortune.

Royal Mail Delivery Charges

The starting point for this aspect of packaging design is to look at postal charges. All of the companies that deliver packages base their charges on the size and weight of the box. We will use the current Royal Mail criteria as an example.

Large Letter

Dimensions – Up to 35.5cm in length, 25cm in width and 2.5cm thick.

Weight – Up to 250g = £1.50, 500g = £1.97, 750g = £2.75

Small Parcel

Dimensions – Up to 45cm in length, 35cm in width and 16cm thick.

Weight – Up to 1kg £3.55, 2kg £5.50

Medium Parcel

Dimensions – Up to 61cm in length, 46cm in width and 46cm thick.

Weight – Up to 1kg £5.80, 2kg £8.95, 5kg = £15.85, 10kg = £21.90

T-Shirt Company Switches from Plastic Bags to Cardboard Boxes

Now let’s look at a real example of a company that cut costs by investing in bespoke packaging.

Aylesbury Box Company were approached by t-shirt company, Remedy UK. They had been packaging t-shirts in plastic bags. The t-shirts were carefully folded and packaged flat for delivery, which would qualify them for the large letter postage rate, let’s say £1.97.

By the time they reached the sorting office, the t-shirts had moved around in the packaging and were often scrunched up at one end. This completely changed the dimensions. No longer able to fit the large letter criteria, the company were regularly being charged £3.55; the small parcel rate. This increased their costs by £1.58 per item. When you are shipping hundreds of orders a day, this quickly mounts up. However, it is avoidable.

Aylesbury Box Company produces packaging for e-commerce businesses. We designed a slimline box for the t-shirts. This ensured that they remained folded and flat throughout transportation. Now every delivery qualified for the lower rate. In addition, the bespoke boxes also enhanced the presentation of the t-shirt when it was received by the customer.

Corrugated cardboard is the most widely used packaging material. This is because it offers robust protection, whilst remaining a lightweight option. The switch from plastic to corrugated cardboard has environmental benefits too. That will improve the perception of any e-commerce company.

Designed to Fit Packaging

When designing the packaging for your products, it is worth keeping your preferred courier’s charges in mind. As an example, laying items next to each other, rather than stacking them could help you to qualify for small, rather than medium parcel rates.

The large letter dimensions can typically fit through a letterbox. As an e-commerce company, would it make sense to keep your packaging within these dimensions? For a start, you could save your customers the hassle of collecting parcels from neighbours or delivery points. That is a big tick for convenience, as well as helping to keep P&P charges to a minimum.

Bespoke e-commerce packaging can be printed with your branding or flood printed for a minimal additional charge. This builds anticipation when the customer receives your package and helps you to develop brand awareness. It’s these little details that help you to break into the market and engage with customers.

A Final Tip on E-commerce Packaging

As a company who may be relatively new to e-commerce packaging, there is one important point to remember. Whilst the delivery companies measure the outside of the box, box manufacturers work to internal dimensions. When preparing your packaging brief, be sure to clarify that the external dimensions must be within a specific size.

If you would like to discuss packaging options with our friendly team contact us on enquiries@abcbox.co.uk or 01296 436888.

The next ‘packaging advice for start-up companies blog’ will focus on labels.

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