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At Aylesbury Box Company, enjoys helping start-up businesses. Our packaging advice and printed boxes are one small step in the journey to getting a product like Leonie Botanics market.
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Packaging Design for Start-ups

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Packaging Design for Start-ups

At Aylesbury Box Company, we enjoy playing a small role in helping start-up businesses to get off the ground. Our packaging advice and printed boxes are one small step in the journey to getting a product to market.

In a recent article, we focused on a food and wine delivery start-up and in this article, our focus is on an ethical skincare brand, Leonie Botanics.

Introducing Leonie Botanics

When working in the cosmetics industry, founder Kezzia became increasingly disillusioned in her search for ethical skincare products. Her search for palm oil-free, cruelty-free, plant-based options often left her disappointed.

Her belief that only scientists could create new formulations was challenged when she discovered a specialist course and her journey into the world of cosmetics without compromise began. The in-depth course programme provided an education in everything from the properties of natural ingredients, preparing and testing formulations to taking products to market.

Having thrown herself into her studies and research, Kezzia began creating and enhancing her first product, a rejuvenating night oil. When this had been thoroughly tested on humans and in a lab, it was time to put her enterprise skills to the test.

As any new business owner knows, there is so much to learn when you first take a product to market; not least the product packaging, but we were on hand to assist.

Packaging Cosmetic Products

When Kezzia contacted us, her formulation had been approved and she was ready to take it to market. She had developed the Leonie Botanics branding and her website was live. Feedback from customers had been overwhelmingly positive and she was focusing on the final details of her packaging design.

The primary packaging for the night oil was a bottle made from Miron Violetglass. This specialist packaging product has a finish which is designed to protect the product from the degenerative impact of UV light. Unlike plastic, these bottles are widely recyclable. Kezzia wanted the same for the secondary packaging; small card boxes, sustainably produced and 100% recyclable.

Finding a Local Packaging Company

Kezzia discovered Aylesbury Box Company and other UK packaging suppliers with a Google search. She feels it is important to support local businesses as it fits in with Leonie Botanics’ sustainable supply chain philosophy.

Having emailed a shortlist of packaging companies, Kezzia said we were the first to respond. That made a good first impression and Martin built on that.

“Martin helped me throughout the process of deciding what I wanted. My bottle is only a 30ml size, so having custom made boxes was perfect because my bottle doesn’t rattle around in it. He also gave me samples of different quality card, which made choosing the type of cardboard a lot easier. It was brilliant customer service; he was always on the other end of the phone when I needed to get in touch. I had a deadline for the boxes and they had them ready on time.”

Kezzia Williams, Founder, Leonie Botanics

Another requirement was ensuring the printed packaging matched her brand colour. Kezzia didn’t know the Pantone shade, but the Aylesbury Box Company team found a match and emailed a swatch image to check they had it spot on.

Is Bespoke Product Packaging Expensive?

Many start-up businesses believe that bespoke packaging will be too expensive, but this isn’t necessarily the case. We advise on different packaging materials, designs and print finishes to achieve desired results at cost-effective prices.

The result is impressive product presentation and clear branding which makes the right impression from the off-set. In the case of Leonie Botanics, the snug fit reduces the risk of damage during transportation and the aesthetic design makes the product even more desirable.

If you are embarking on a new business venture and would benefit from packaging advice and expertise, get in touch on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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