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With a rainbow of possibilities, it can be tempting to opt for vibrant shades and contrasting tones, to ensure your goods stand out. A bright palette certainly offers eye-catching appeal, but are natural shades more suitable for food products?
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Natural Ability to Hold Attention


Natural Ability to Hold Attention

The use of colour is a crucial element of packaging design. As consumers, we have an emotional response to colours and associate them with certain qualities. As an example, when it comes to food packaging, shades of blue are rarely used. This is because we don’t eat blue foods, so it seems artificial and a little repulsive.

Whilst packaging designers and brands are keen to use colours that are consistent with buyer’s expectations, they also need to ensure that their products stand out on the shelf. Packaging needs to make an impact in order to be spotted amongst the extensive ranges offered in a supermarket.

A number of print options allow any colour and design to be applied to cardboard packaging. With a rainbow of possibilities, it can be tempting to opt for vibrant shades and contrasting tones, to ensure your goods stand out. A bright palette certainly offers eye-catching appeal, but a study carried out in America suggests that subtle, natural shades may be more suitable for food products.

Subtle Packaging Design

Packaging company, Sonoco, carried out a small trial in South Carolina. They set out a range of consumable staples, including rice and cereals, as they would be displayed on supermarket shelves. Eye tracking was used to observe what the participants were looking at and for how long. The focus group was also asked to complete a survey on their packaging preferences.

The data showed that of the goods displayed, those in natural looking packaging proved most effective at holding buyers attention. They may not have been the first items spotted, but buyers viewed these goods for an average of 1.52 times longer than those in other packaging styles.

Although this was a small study (60 participants), it provides interesting food for thought. Whilst there’s no doubt that colourful packaging appeals to children, the main grocery shopper could be tempted by a subtle alternative.

The Organic Effect

Organic food ranges are typically packaged in sustainable materials, with simple, nature-inspired designs. With a focus on environmental responsibility, they make use of recyclable materials and simple, yet effective packaging design. As buyers, we may now associate natural looking packaging with food is good for you, nutritional and health promoting.

Simplistic packaging design also suggests there is nothing to hide. There’s a sense of honesty and that could encourage the buyer to trust the brand, even if they have no previous experience of it.

Nature-inspired Packaging Design

As a cardboard packaging manufacturer, we’ve helped a number of artisan food and pure cosmetic companies to develop simple designs and prints which look appealing, whilst minimising waste and cost.

Just one way to achieve this is by applying a stunning monochrome design to corrugated cardboard as part of the manufacturing process. This flexographic print is understated, yet highly effective if you are opting for a natural look for your products.

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If you are developing an unprocessed food, beverage or cosmetic range, Aylesbury Box Company would be happy to discuss sustainable options for printed packaging. Contact us today on 01296 436888 or sales@abcbox.co.uk

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