Aylesbury BOX Company | How Can Ecommerce Packaging be Sustainable?
Sustainable ecommerce packaging may be the leading trend for 2018, but where do you start?
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How Can Ecommerce Packaging be Sustainable?

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How Can Ecommerce Packaging be Sustainable?

Packaging waste is a problem associated with online retail. Many ecommerce companies have been criticised for sending small items in large boxes, with excessive use of air filled plastic. It’s no longer acceptable.

Customers are increasingly mindful of waste issues, with plastic pollution being the current focus of attention. China’s decision to no longer accept our plastic waste means every UK product designer, manufacturer and retailer needs to invest in sustainable packaging.

Sustainable ecommerce packaging may be the leading trend for 2018, but where do you start?

Packaging Design

The process begins at the design stage. The first step is to understand the necessary packaging for your products and strip away any excess layers.

Next, consider the materials used. If you include plastics in your packaging, look for alternatives. Cardboard is a practical, cheap and recyclable material that has long been used for packaging. In addition to the box, cardboard inserts can easily remove the need for plastic air pockets.

If you are mixing materials, make sure that it is easy to deconstruct the packaging. This is the only way to ensure that some or all of the materials can be recycled.

Investment in high quality, product specific packaging can completely remove the need for filling materials, time spent on packing goods and the associated costs. It also reduces the risk of damage to goods and increases the likelihood that packaging will be reused.

Seek Advice from Packaging Manufacturers

As a packaging manufacturer Aylesbury Box Company has extensive knowledge of materials, cardboard engineering and processes. We delight in finding solutions. If you have ideas, run them past us and we’ll recommend the best ways to achieve results in a sustainable and cost effective way.

Inventive cardboard engineering can lead to desirable, lightweight solutions and unusual shaped design. Our design skills can also minimise the need for parcel tapes, adhesives and staples, keeping costs and environmental impact down.

Sustainable Sources

If you desire, Aylesbury Box Company can produce packaging from 100% recycled materials. The majority of our boxes are a combination of recycled and sustainable virgin fibres from certified sources.

Our commitment to environmental credentials doesn’t stop at cardboard. From cutting methods that reduce waste in the manufacturing process, to the installation of LED lighting in our factory, we openly promote sustainability throughout our operations. If we can help your online company to deliver goods in sustainable ecommerce packaging, get in touch.

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