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2,500 plastic bottles collected from along the Thames in a single day spurs ethical companies, such as Aylesbury Box Company customer Water-to-Go, into action.
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Twelve Green Bottles

Twelve Green Bottles

Earlier this year a litter picking party collected 2,500 plastic bottles from along the Thames in a single day. Discarded after the drink had been consumed, this litter contributes to the destruction of an already fragile inner city environment. This poignant issue is one of many that spur ethical companies, such as Aylesbury Box Company customer Water-to-Go, into action.

Encouraging Bottle Reuse

One of the reasons that people are reluctant to reuse water bottles is because of media headlines that warn of the risk of bacteria and cancer-causing chemicals building up as plastics in the bottle deteriorate. Whilst Cancer Research states that no credible research confirms these warnings, people aren’t willing to take the risk.

One of our customers, Water-to-Go, has developed a water bottle with a filtration system. Water taken from any non-salt source can be purified in 15 minutes of being in the bottle. The high tech filter was originally developed for NASA and is now being used to provide international workers, travellers and communities with access to safe water.

The filter removes over 99.9% of chemicals, metals, bacteria, viruses, as well as unpleasant tastes and aromas. If it can make puddle water completely clean and palatable, there is no chemical or bacterial risk involved in topping up the bottle time and again.

With six 50cl colour options and six 75cl colour options, the company offers twelve, rather than ten ‘green’ bottle options, along with colour coordinating filters.

Environmental Packaging

By providing the company with 100% recyclable cardboard packaging for their point of sale displays, Aylesbury Box Company are ensuring that a commitment to green credentials is carried through the Water-to-Go supply chain. If we can assist your company to fulfill environmental values, get in touch to discuss your requirements today.

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