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Our Relationship with Trees

As a manufacturer of corrugated cardboard boxes, Aylesbury Box Company is reliant on trees. We love trees and are hopeful that scientific findings will encourage the planting of more trees. The evidence indicates that the protection of existing forests and the planting of millions of...


Addicted to Plastic: Kicking the Habit

It has been estimated that 850 million metric tonnes of greenhouse gases will enter the atmosphere, as a result of plastic production, this year alone. Plastic starts extraction of fossil fuels and ends up contributing to environmental damage. In addition to emissions, animals and humans...

Twelve Green Bottles

Earlier this year a litter picking party collected 2,500 plastic bottles from along the Thames in a single day. Discarded after the drink had been consumed, this litter contributes to the destruction of an already fragile inner city environment. This poignant issue is one of...

Nest Building

At this time of year, birds are busily gathering the materials to construct their nests. As with good quality packaging, they need the right materials and design to protect their eggs. Many individuals and organisations are keen to give nature a helping hand. Aware of the...

Recycling Trial

A few weeks back, our blog focused on coffee cup recycling. Having been brought into the media spotlight by Hugh Fernley Whittingstall, the question was raised about whether the cups should display the recycling symbol, when so few were actually recycled. Plenty of blame was focused...