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Kirsty’s Handmade Christmas is a popular festive series. In December, one of the simple, 'try it at home crafts' was the transformation of corrugated cardboard boxes into pet homes.
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Pet Boxes; Not Just for Christmas


Pet Boxes; Not Just for Christmas

Kirsty’s Handmade Christmas is a popular festive series. It showcases a variety of crafts, from simple do-it-yourself ideas, through to professional pieces. In December, one of the simple, ‘try it at home crafts’ was the transformation of corrugated cardboard boxes into pet homes.

We all know that cats are particularly fond of a cardboard box. Little work needs to take place for them to commandeer opened cardboard boxes (whether you want them to, or not).

The craft project involved adding a little more detail to transform the corrugated box into a stylised bed for a cat, rabbit, hamster or other small pet. Guest designer Jane Foster used simple, monochrome designs. These suit the popular Scandi style which has influenced interior design trends. If you didn’t catch the programme, you can see examples of her cardboard pet beds online.

Whilst part of a Christmas show, this is a project that could keep you and your pets happy throughout the year!

Reusing Cardboard Boxes

Aylesbury Box Company are advocates for the circular economy. We love to showcase ways to reduce, reuse and recycle corrugated cardboard. We saw the pet bed idea as a great opportunity for companies that supply pet food, toys or other supplies in cardboard boxes.

When we supply shelf-ready packaging, delivery boxes often include a perforated section. Once on the shelf, this is pulled out to give customers access to the products inside. The same approach could be used for pet packaging. If that cardboard packaging incorporated a perforated end, it would be easy for pet owners to simply push out the ‘doorway’ once the items inside were removed.

Our shelf-ready packaging is typically printed, with both branding and bright eye-catching designs. Once again, the same approach could be utilised in pet product packaging. Along with the company branding, the printed cardboard packaging could include a simple, original design. The pet owner could leave the print as it is, or colour it in to coordinate with their chosen colour scheme.

Adding Value Through Packaging Design

This idea would provide added value and a bit of fun for the customer and their pet. It would actively encourage packaging reuse. If their pet hamster preferred to gnaw at the box, the paper-based cardboard would do them no harm. It wouldn’t matter if their cat used it as a scratching post, rather than a bed.

Having protected the product during display, transport and storage, then provided comfort or entertainment, the redundant cardboard box could then head for the recycling bin. As corrugated cardboard is one of the most widely recycled packaging materials, it could then be made into new boxes.

With pet subscription boxes and pet e-commerce on the rise, a few small changes to the packaging design could really help your brand to make an impression. Just imagine the social media sharing opportunities of cute pets in boxes!

If Aylesbury Box Company can help your company to create packaging designs that promote packaging reuse, please get in touch. Our friendly, experienced team can be contacted on 01296 436888.

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