Aylesbury BOX Company | Responsibility to Reduce Waste Lies with Packaging Suppliers
Consumers largely believe that the responsibility for change lies with Food and Drink Manufacturers, the Government and Packaging Suppliers.
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Responsibility to Reduce Waste Lies with Packaging Suppliers


Responsibility to Reduce Waste Lies with Packaging Suppliers

A growing awareness of waste, prominent media coverage and the BBC’s Blue Planet II series are cited as the three primary reasons that the UK public are taking a greater interest in packaging. In Beyond the Box research, which surveyed 2,000 UK consumers, the majority stated that they now had a greater awareness of product packaging.

Of those surveyed, 60% said that they were making changes to their shopping habits in order to reduce packaging waste. Their primary focus was to lower their use of plastic packaging. To achieve this, measures such as declining plastic bags in supermarkets and shopping at their local butchers or grocers were being undertaken.

Whilst efforts were being made by individuals, the feeling was that more should be done to provide viable alternatives. The consumers largely believe that the responsibility for change lies with Food and Drink Manufacturers, the Government and Packaging Suppliers.

Packaging Suppliers Responsibility for Reducing Waste

As a responsible packaging supplier, we have to agree. Over recent years, Aylesbury Box Company has been proactive in providing sustainable packaging options.

Our corrugated cardboard boxes are made from a high percentage of recycled fibres and are recyclable after use, but we knew that many boxes were being lined with plastic air pockets or polystyrene fillers. To address this issue, we have actively promoted a range of alternatives. These include:

Cardboard inserts

Custom designed to hold the products securely in place; cardboard inserts improve the efficiency of packing lines, enhance the presentation of goods and prevent the need for plastic fillers.

Shredded Paper

Made from recycled fibres, crinkle cut shredded paper is a low cost, environmentally friendly means of providing added protection.

Natural Wool Fibres

When we heard about WoolCool®, we thought it was a fantastic idea. Utilising the natural insulating properties of wool, this box liner has been widely adopted by pharmaceutical and food companies.

Packaging Design

Sometimes a change to the packaging design can completely negate the need for any form of filler. This can save packing, transport and environmental costs.

Making it Straightforward to Recycle Cardboard Boxes

Recycling rates are highest when no other products are combined with the cardboard. This includes tape that has helped to securely hold the packaging together during transit and storage. As a packaging supplier, we saw this as another opportunity to make a difference.

We offer a range of alternative ways to ensure that the packaging remains sealed. Again, good packaging design is at the heart of the solution. Folds, tabs and slots can be incorporated into the cardboard box design to firmly hold it shut.

The Advantages of Tear Strips

Another option is to use tear strips and a small strip of adhesive in the box design. These make it easy for the packer to seal the box and also make it far easier for customers to open the box. When the customer can avoid attacking tape with sharp implements, it reduces the risk of damage to the product. The lack of tape makes the cardboard box easier to recycle.

A Sustainable Packaging Solution

If you are a manufacturer looking for a sustainable packaging solution, get in touch with Aylesbury Box Company to discuss the options on 01296 436888. We’ll listen to your requirements and recommend options that are suited to your product range. Find out more about our environmental commitment.

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