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If you’ve developed a product range that you are proud of, these are a few reasons why we recommend investing in good quality packaging.
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More than Just a Box

More than Just a Box

Is packaging just a box to protect your goods in transit?

We don’t believe so. If you’ve developed a product range that you are proud of, these are a few reasons why we recommend investing in good quality packaging.

Consumer Appeal

As consumers, our decisions are greatly influenced by the packaging. We’re used to making instant assumptions about the product based solely on the box in which it is held. When an identical product is packaged in a variety of different boxes, our perception of the quality, price, suitability and desirability varies.

When you get the packaging right, you greatly increase the chance of attracting your target consumer and convincing them to purchase your goods. If you scrimp and save when it comes to the packaging, there is a real risk that your products will never sell, no matter how great they might be.

Beneficial Results

Research carried out by MarketingProfs, a leading US marketing company showed the following benefits of investment in packaging design and print:

  • It typically resulted in a 30% increase in sales
  • It encouraged the reuse of product packaging
  • It increased the likelihood of consumers sharing product pictures on social media
  • It reinforced a positive brand association

So, although you may have to spend a little more on bespoke packaging solutions, beneficial results can be achieves with regards to sales, brand reputation and peer to peer marketing. Over time, this can add up to being a highly cost effective approach.

Fit for Purpose Packaging

The cheapest option might be an off-the-shelf solution, but packaging that has been designed specifically for your product has many other cost saving advantages. For a start it can remove the need for filling materials. It can also greatly reduce the risk of damage in transit and this can significantly reduce the costs associated with returns, dissatisfied customers and waste.

Aylesbury Box Company 

Aylesbury Box Company is a specialist in cardboard packaging. We can work with you to design and manufacture packaging that is suitable for your products and appealing to your target customers. Our reputation is dependent on producing more than ‘just a box’.

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