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How is it possible to produce unique packaging for your product range when you need to keep costs down?
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Low Cost Packaging Solutions

Low Cost Packaging Solutions

How is it possible to produce unique packaging for your product range when you need to keep costs down?

We regularly recommend cost effective ways of achieving packaging objectives. Here are three top tips on creating bespoke packaging on a budget.


Single colour flexiprint can be applied to cardboard as an integral part of the box manufacturing process. This means that there is little differential in cost to produce plain or printed cardboard packaging. With some creative design, this monoprint can result in an impressive design that ensures your brand is clearly communicated.

Another alternative that has recently been trialled with a brewery is the use of ink stamps. We’ve manufactured a standard beer box for the company and they had a range of custom made ink stamps produced. As a small company, it is viable for them to customise the boxes with the stamps.

Sleeves and Stickers

Printing small batches of full colour boxes can bump up the price of packaging. As a lower cost option, Aylesbury Box Company has provided many companies with a single cardboard box design for the full packaging range. A printed sleeve or sticker can then be applied to the box to specify the product inside.

Chiltern Candle Company has used this approach. We’ve produced a generic box design for them with basic print and a clearly defined square. They then apply a sticker into the square to identify which product is inside.

As the product range grows, seasonal ranges are added or tastes change, the same packaging can be used. This allows for cheaper bulk orders to be made and reduces waste.

Cardboard Inserts

If your product range includes items which vary a little in size or shape, then investing in a variety of cardboard inserts is often more cost effective than buying boxes in varying dimensions. The inserts will ensure that your goods are well presented and protected, whilst also saving on the cost of filling materials.

No matter how simple or extravagant your packaging idea, Aylesbury Box Company will recommend the most cost effective solution to realise it.

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