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Want to broaden your gin horizons? Each month subscribers receive five 50ml bottles of gin to taste. The subscription boxes hold unbranded bottles, as the focus is on taste preferences, not marketing.
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Gin Tasting Subscription Boxes


Gin Tasting Subscription Boxes

There has been a resurgence in gin production and consumption in the past 5 years. By the end of 2020, over 560 gin distilleries were registered in the UK; that’s double the number in 2016. Many of these are small, independently-owned enterprises, crafting exciting new flavours.

When faced with a wide selection of options, the decision on which gin to pick is challenging. Do you stick with a familiar brand or are you influenced by a stunning bottle or label design? Are you keen to sample local brands or do unusual flavours capture your interest?

Whilst it is great to try something new, you don’t want to risk splashing out on a bottle that isn’t to your tastes. If only there was a way to sample gin before you buy.

The idea to offer gin tasting subscription boxes came to one of the Aylesbury Box Company customers a few years ago. It took a Covid-enforced job loss to provide the opportunity to put the plan into action. Having built connections with many craft distilleries, The Drinks Creators was born and the first boxes were shipped in July 2021.

Introducing Gin Tasting with The Drinks Creator

Want to broaden your gin horizons? The Drinks Creators are just the ticket! Each month subscribers receive five 50ml bottles of gin to taste. The subscription boxes hold unbranded bottles, as the focus is on taste preferences, not marketing.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to taste the gin, both neat and served with tonic water. The Drinks Creator invites you to record your views on each gin via an online survey. This feedback is shared with the relevant distillery, helping them to hone their craft and develop favoured flavours. That’s right; you’ll be helping to shape future gins!

It’s a fun way for those new to gin and regular gin drinkers wishing to get a taste of what’s out there. You’ll not be kept in the dark; brands are revealed and if one takes your fancy, full-sized bottles are available to buy from The Drinks Creator online shop. You even earn discount credits for every submitted review.

This subscription box provides an entertaining night in, whilst supporting small, recently established distilleries – what a super concept!

Packaging Solutions: How to Deliver Unbroken Bottles

When delivering small bottles of alcohol via couriers, the e-commerce packaging has to be designed to minimise the risk of breakages. When it came to subscription box design, the number one priority for The Drinks Creator was product protection. They were also keen to use environmentally-friendly packaging.

A professional branded finish was required to complete the packaging design. The company are serious about providing quality products and this needed to be reflected in the style, look and functionality of the subscription boxes. Bulk buying boxes is a significant outlay for a new business, so they wanted to get it right.

Aylesbury Box Company had been recommended by a contact, so Toby, founder of The Drinks Creator got in touch. He sent us a couple of (empty) bottles, which we used to create a bespoke packaging solution.

Whilst other companies had suggested using void fillings in a standard box, Toby felt this was precarious. Our solution was a slimline, yet robust corrugated cardboard box with inserts. The design is a simple means of enhancing presentation and protecting the bottles in transit. We sent a sample of the printed box and got the order.

“I was very impressed with the simple yet very effective packaging solution Aylesbury Box Company came up with. We’re only a few months in but so far there have been no breakages!

Beyond that their service in terms of responsiveness is great and I’ll be making my future order with them.”

  – Toby Morrison, The Drinks Creator

We love creating bespoke boxes which fulfil the packaging brief in terms of looks and functionality. Brands need to make the right impression and our packaging knowledge can assist. Give us a call on 01296 436888 or email enquiries@abcbox.co.uk to discuss your requirements and seek our advice.

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