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A greater understanding of the environmental impact and shift in consumer habits has prompted fresh thinking in the beauty industry. Leading brands are now making it easier for us to recycle empty cosmetic packaging.
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All Eyes on Cosmetic Packaging


All Eyes on Cosmetic Packaging

The beauty industry has long relied on plastic packaging. All of those little pots, tubes and containers create considerable packaging waste, but things are changing. A greater understanding of the environmental impact and shift in consumer habits has prompted fresh thinking. Leading brands are now making it easier for us to recycle empty cosmetic packaging and innovative brands are completely plastic-free.

Recycle your Cosmetic Packaging

Long before Blue Planet was televised, Kiehls was taking an active role in designing sustainably sourced products and packaging. Launched in 1857, this responsible company is committed to using 30% recycled materials in all packaging.

To complement this, the brand has offered a recycling reward scheme since 2009. Customers who return empty packaging for recycling receive a stamp on their loyalty card. 10 stamps entitle the customer to 10% off a product or a complimentary travel-size product. The company state that this scheme has recycled approximately 1-million empty bottles and jars a year.

Rolling out Good Practice

Now owned by L’Oreal, the Kiehls ethos is being spread to other brands. In a survey of 1,000 Maybelline (Another L’Oreal brand) customers, almost half had no idea that empty cosmetic packaging could be recycled, so the company has taken action to make it easier for customers.

L’Oreal and Terracycle have teamed up to provide recycling points for cosmetic packaging in stores across the UK. Empty eyeshadow, compacts and mascara containers from any brand can now be disposed of in these recycling points. L’Oreal has made a substantial investment to ensure this packaging will be collected, sorted, cleaned and recycled.

Within Aylesbury, you can find cosmetic recycling points at Tescos Tring Road and Broadfields, as well as in Superdrug in Hale Leys. Check out your nearest recycling point.

Beauty in Plastic Free Packaging

Georganics for the Perfect Smile

Whilst promoting the recycling of packaging is a positive move, other brands only use sustainable packaging. A great example is Georganics. This oral health company package pastes in glass jars, with aluminium lids. Packaging boxes are made from biodegradable card, printed with vibrant vegetable inks and are filled with shredded cardboard. The Georganics eco-packaging looks great, performs well and can be easily recycled.

Personalised style from Nicmac Beauty

Nicmac Beauty is a small cosmetics company that was set up to offer an alternative, environmental cosmetic packaging option. They have designed a customised eyeshadow palette from recycled cardboard. The sustainable packaging has a simple, yet stylish appearance and contains 6 eyeshadow slots.

Customers pick their perfect shades to fill the palette, which is then shipped to them. As and when the individual colours are used up, customers can order replacements to refill their palette. This means packaging waste is minimised.

Natural Freshness from Your Nature

Your Nature produces effective deodorants from 100% natural ingredients. The base is a careful blend which includes organic coconut oil and arrowroot powder, which is combined with fragrant scents. Their deodorising products are packaged in 100% recyclable cardboard tubes. The product is kind to skin, working with the natural pH balance and the packaging is kind to the environment.

Cardboard Packaging Design

Aylesbury Box Company worked with Georganics and other beauty brands to create sustainable packaging solutions. As a cardboard packaging specialist, we support the design, manufacture and print processes that are needed to create bespoke packaging solutions.

If you are developing a new cosmetics range or have a beauty product ready to take to market, get in touch. We can advise on the packaging, provide a quote and we offer low-volume orders. For further information please call the friendly team at Aylesbury Box Company on 01296 436888 or email enquiries@abcbox.co.uk.

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