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What I Wish I’d known about E-commerce Packaging


What I Wish I’d known about E-commerce Packaging

If you are about to launch an online business, there is so much to consider. Insight from others can be invaluable, so let us share some points that have been raised in discussions with other online retailers. We hope they help you to make informed decisions about e-commerce packaging.

The Right Level of Protection will Save your Budget and Reputation

You want the consumer to open the box and see the product in the same pristine condition as when you packaged it, yet you want to prevent ‘wrap rage’ due to the box being too difficult to open.

It can be tricky to get the balance right – inadequate packaging will increase returns and the costs associated with processing and replacing damaged goods. Excessive protection can make it challenging and frustrating for consumers to access their goods and can lead you to pay over the odds for packaging. Neither will benefit your budget or your brand reputation.

TOP TIP: Seek advice from the experts. Your local packaging company shouldn’t charge for a conversation and they will have solutions that you may not have considered. Tell them about your product and ask questions. They may have had other customers who send your type of product in the post. They might even send your product to you in a sample, so you can see if it works.

Branding your Packaging Boxes doesn’t have to be Expensive

With so much choice, your packaging has to stand out and encourage curiosity. How can you persuade buyers to opt for your brand over the competition?

Minimal design is one thing, but a plain, standard box is not going to win you any fans. Every brand needs a twist to both the product packaging and the secondary shelf-ready retail packaging or e-commerce shipping boxes.

Adding your mark need not cost a fortune. If your budget is limited, speak to your local packaging company about low-cost solutions. Here are a few options:

Embossed Boxes with Stickers

Aylesbury Box Company have produced boxes with an embossed section. This detailing helps companies to position stickers uniformly. One box design can then be used for an entire range, with printed stickers differentiating the contents.

Flexi-printed Packaging

We recommend mono-colour Flexi-print as a low-cost packaging solution for many e-commerce companies and this has been used to great effect on shipping cartons. There is an initial setup charge, but the print process can then be completed as part of the box manufacturing processes – no additional time or charges on each order.

Flood Printed Boxes

Another effective and affordable option is flood printing. A single brand colour can cover the outside or inside of your packaging boxes. Couple this with a printed (or stamped) logo for minimalist packaging with impact.

TOP TIP: Simplicity is in favour, so limiting the colour palette looks like a design statement, not a cheap packaging solution.

Consumers Hate Excessive Packaging

Many e-commerce businesses opt for cheap off-the-shelf shipping boxes to keep costs to a minimum, but this is a false economy.

It typically means that you then have to spend time and money on fillers to prevent excessive movement and associated damage of products during transportation. What’s more, customers are looking for retailers to make it easy for them to make environmentally-friendly choices. Most consumers dislike excessive packaging with a passion and resent being left with the responsibility of disposing of it.

TOP TIP: Consider ways in which the packaging can be ‘return friendly’. That simply involves a way to easily open and reseal the box, so it can be reused to return goods in packaging that you know is fit for purpose. This option is more convenient for shoppers and reduces packaging waste.

Avoid Paying over the Odds for Shipping

The cost of sending your goods to customers is determined by weight and size. Corrugated cardboard boxes are lightweight. If they are designed to fit your products, you can avoid paying to ship empty space or filler materials.

TOP TIP: Get to know your courier’s size and weight limits before you finalise your packaging design. A small change to the depth, width or length can cut the price you pay on every delivery.

Local E-commerce Packaging Company

Based in Buckinghamshire and providing cardboard packaging design, manufacture and print, Aylesbury Box Company can help you make the right packaging decisions from the start. Why not get in touch on 01296 436888 or enquiries@abcbox.co.uk?

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