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Aylesbury Box Company have just supplied printed shipping boxes to a drinks company with a difference. Low and No Drinks supplies beverages to suit every dietary choice.
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Drinks Delivery for All Dietary Requirements


Drinks Delivery for All Dietary Requirements

We are used to terms like vegetarian, gluten-free and low calorie being used to describe food, but how about drinks?

Aylesbury Box Company have just supplied printed shipping boxes to a drinks company with a difference. Low and No Drinks is a recently launched business that supplies beverages to suit every dietary choice.

Boxes of Low and No Drinks

The term Low and No is widely used to reference alcoholic content. YouGov data from 2020 reveals that 16% of Brits are drinking less in lockdown. A drive towards healthier lifestyles has encouraged nearly 60% of UK adults to try non-alcoholic alternatives. Whilst this is a recognised growth area for the beverage market, there is still a limited choice in most pubs, restaurants, supermarkets and off-licenses.

The launch of Low and No Drinks was driven by the desire to share some of the alternatives; great tasting products that are not yet widely available. They also extended the ‘low and no’ range to include other dietary needs including low calorie, gluten-free, low carb and vegan options.

In exploring potential stock, they have discovered some hidden gems. Even the bottle designs are enough to convince buyers to sample Binary Botanics or Lyre’s and Pentire ‘spirits’.

Drinks Packaging

As a new business, Low and No Drinks were looking for a reliable packaging company to supply branded delivery boxes. The challenge was that they offer customers choice; this means that orders of mixed cases containing different sized bottles and cans. They wanted to know whether it would be possible to create shipping boxes that could be adaptable.

The Aylesbury Box Company team came back with a concept. Scored shipping boxes which could be cut and folded into different sizes. These were coupled with cardboard grid inserts that could divide the internal space in various ways.

Some fine-tuning of the packaging concept was required, but the outcome is that Low and No Drinks can ship any combination of their stock using just 3 different shipping boxes and 2 different inserts. These strong, robust boxes protect the bottles in transit, preventing breakages.

As a new company, with no prior knowledge of packaging design, they were delighted with how the team understood their requirement and provided a creative solution.

“The boxes look fantastic; the finish quality is exactly as you had described and the printing is perfect. Thank you, the result is just what we had hoped for.”

– Karen Westbrook, Director Low and No Drinks

This is a positive start to what we hope will become a long-standing relationship, so let’s find out more about the types of drinks that will be packaged in these printed cartons.

Has Veganuary sparked your taste for meat and dairy-free meals?

A growing number of people are increasing the plant-based meals in their diet, but if you want to be strictly vegetarian or vegan, you need to consider drinks too.  Animal products including egg white, gelatine and casein milk protein are widely used in processing.

The fermentation process required to turn sugars to alcohol is lengthy. To speed things up, ‘fining’ is the addition of animal products. These ingredients help to improve the clarity, flavour and colour to replicate the full fermentation process. They do not feature in the ingredients, because they are filtered out before bottling.

For vegan-friendly drinks, add Wild Life Wine, Wild Card Brewery Pale Ale, Real Kombucha Royal Flush or Hawkes Urban Orchard Cider to your drink delivery.

Does a food intolerance mean that you follow a gluten-free diet?

Many people have a gluten intolerance for those suffering from Coeliac disease, the consumption of gluten can have a serious impact on their health. You may be surprised to know that the distilling process makes malt whisky safe for those with gluten intolerance to drink. This is not the case for beer, lager, ale and stout.

Coeliac UK provides more information on alcoholic drinks. If you are considering low and no gluten drinks to fill your delivery box, how about Ridgeway Beer, Big Drop Craft Lager or Chiltern Brewery Ale?

Is a health boost prompting the search for low-calorie options?

We are used to counting the calories in food, but drinks can be our downfall. Wine, beer, cider and spirits all contain natural starch and sugars, which bump up the calorific value. They may not taste especially sweet, yet there are around 7 calories in every gram consumed.

The good news is that you can still enjoy great flavours in low-calorie alternatives. Hogan’s High Sobriety Cider, Mockingbird Spirit and Shipyard Low Tide Ale are some of the drinks that offer great taste, without adding to your waist!

Packaging Suppliers

If healthier drink options are on your agenda, you know where to look. For bespoke printed shipping cartons for your deliveries, contact Aylesbury Box Company on 01296 436888. We are happy to discuss options and offer advice, as well as providing quotes and samples.

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